Upcoming Weed Control Works

  • Project typeWeed management and control
  • Project scheduleOngoing weed control program

Environmental Weed Control Program 2021-22 - Upcoming Weed Control Works

Under the Environmental Weed Control Program, Colac Otway Shire Council engages contractors to undertake targeted treatment of noxious weed infestations to protect road reserves and other environmental reserves throughout the shire with significant environmental values, such as high-quality remnant indigenous vegetation and threatened species.

The program is organised by weed species being targeted, so that the timing of treatment ensures the weed control will be as effective as possible. Contractors are engaged to use a range of methods, including ‘cut and paint’ and ‘spot spraying’ using selective herbicides, and the program is designed to ensure there are no off-target impacts. The decision as to which chemical to use is based on the location of road, surrounding vegetation, adjoining properties and the life stage of the weed species.

Boxthorn Roads List(PDF, 88KB)

St-Johns Wort Roads List(PDF, 86KB)

Blackberry-Ragwort-Roadsides-Program-Central-21-22(PDF, 597KB)

Blackberry-Ragwort-Roadsides-Program-Partnership-21-22(PDF, 571KB)

Weed hotspot roadsides:

Yaugher Road, Forrest – treating English Ivy, Hawthorn

South Larpent Road, Irrewillipe – treating English Ivy, brooms, Sweet Pittosporum, Wild Watsonia

Please note: Marker dye is applied with all herbicide applications under Council’s Environmental Program, so that treated infestations are identifiable post treatment.

For further information, please contact Council’s Environment Team on (03) 5232 9400.

Services & Operations Weed & Grass Control Program – Upcoming Control Works

Services & Operations have the need to control grass and weeds in various situations. The reason to control the grass and weeds on council managed land is for fire prevention, road safety, road maintenance and longevity, aesthetics, maintain high standards in council’s sports reserves, open spaces and general weed control. These situations include but are not limited to areas close to fences, footpath edges, tree surrounds, drains, footings of street furniture, walking or bike trails, road shoulders, open spaces, playing surfaces of sport reserves. etc.

Under the Services & Operations Weed & Grass Control Program, Colac Otway Shire Council performs some treatment in-house but also engages contractors to undertake this treatment.

Staff and Contractors are trained in a range of methods, including spot spraying, boom spraying and using approved selective and non-selective herbicides. 

Upcoming proposed weed and grass control works:

Weed Spraying table March 2021.JPG



The district map (below) shows areas that are referenced in the above table. District Map for spraying.jpg




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