Colac Airfield at Irrewarra

Colac Airfield operates in the Colac Otway Shire and is classified as aeroplane landing area. While this airfield is within the shire boundaries, the Council takes no responsibility for the safety of people on board or for damage incurred to aircraft. The onus is on pilots to ensure this airfield is suitable for landing.

The Apollo Bay Airfield is now managed by the Great Ocean Road Coast and Parks Authority (GORCAPA). More information about the Apollo Bay Airfield is available on the GORCAPA website.

Colac Otway Shire Council advises pilots check local weather conditions with the Australian Bureau of Meteorology and conduct a precautionary air search of the airfield before landing.

Colac Airfield

Where is Colac Airfield?

235 McKays Road, Irrewarra, about five nautical miles north-east of Colac.

How many runways?

There’s two runways for landing.

  • 09/27 bitumen sealed runway, 885 metres long and 12 metres wide.  

  • 18/36 grass runway, 630 metres long – however, use of this grass runway could be restricted due to wet ground conditions.

Is NOTAM available?

No, Colac Airfield does not have Notice to Airman available, meaning pilots do not receive information about potential hazards at the airfield or on a flight route.

Does Colac Airfield have staff?

No, as the airfield is not a licensed airport it is unattended. 

Are there landing fees?

Avdata Australia collect landing fees on behalf of Colac Airfield. The airfield’s management committee uses fees for ongoing maintenance and upgrades.

Other information
  • Radio air traffic information is available through the common traffic advisory frequency, on VHF 126.7  

  • Avgas Fuel is available at Colac Airfield by contacting members of the Colac Aero Club on 0408 519 888 or 0409 231 221. These numbers are strictly for fuel supply.

For additional information call 03 5232 9282 (recorded message).