Whose Road Is It?

Council is responsible for the majority of the roads within the shire boundaries. These are known as local roads and are listed on Council's Public Road Register. Other Road Authorities which manage roads in the shire include:

1. VicRoads manages the Arterial or Declared roads including:

  • Beech Forest-Lavers Hill Road
  • Beech Forest-Mount Sabine Road
  • Birregurra Road
  • Birregurra-Deans Marsh Road
  • Birregurra-Forrest Road
  • Cape Otway Lighthouse Road
  • Colac-Ballarat Road
  • Colac-Carlisle Road
  • Colac-Forrest Road
  • Colac-Lavers Hill Road
  • Corangamite Lake Road
  • Forrest-Apollo Bay Road
  • Gellibrand River Road
  • Grassy Vale Road
  • Great Ocean Road
  • Hamilton Highway
  • Irrewillipe Road
  • Lavers Hill-Cobden Road
  • Princes Highway (West)
  • Skenes Creek Road
  • Timboon-Colac Road
  • Turtons Track
  • Warncoort-Birregurra Road

Council no longer has the maintenance contract for roads under the jurisdiction of VicRoads. Requests for the removal of trees, repairs or maintenance on these roads should be directed to VicRoads on 131 170.

2. The Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Change (formerly DELWP) is responsible for many of the unsealed roads in the State Forest areas. Parks Victoria works with DELWP as the roadway manager in state and national parks.