Council Policies

Council policies can be downloaded in PDF format from the sections listed on this page.

Acquisition and Disposal of Council Property Policy(PDF, 2MB)

Administration and Enforcement of Building Legislation(PDF, 809KB)

Asset Accounting Policy(PDF, 203KB)

Asset Management Policy(PDF, 391KB)

Assistance to Rates Debtors in Hardship(PDF, 382KB)

Audit and Risk Committee Charter(PDF, 379KB)

Borrowing Policy(PDF, 353KB)

Budget Development and Management(PDF, 259KB)

Chief Executive Officer Employment and Remuneration Policy(PDF, 194KB)

Child Safe Policy(PDF, 408KB)

Closure of Licence of unused Government Road and Water Frontages Closure Roads Used for Access(PDF, 50KB)

Colac Regional Saleyards Conditions of Entry and Use Policy(PDF, 1MB)

Communications Policy(PDF, 2MB)

Community Engagement Policy(PDF, 316KB)

Complaints Policy(PDF, 480KB)

Confidential Information Policy(PDF, 48KB)

Council Committees(PDF, 349KB)

Council Expenses Policy(PDF, 866KB)

Council Property Leasing Policy(PDF, 276KB)

Council Support to Neighbourhood Houses(PDF, 69KB)

Customer Service Policy(PDF, 151KB) 

Debtor Management and Debt Recovery Policy(PDF, 77KB)

Election period policy

NB: The Election Period Policy forms part of the Governance Rules, as per the Local Government Act 2020

Employee Code of Conduct(PDF, 21MB)

Environmental Sustainability Framework(PDF, 517KB)

Environmental Sustainability Policy(PDF, 182KB)

Equal Employment Opportunity(PDF, 1MB)

Events in a Public Place Policy(PDF, 462KB)

Fair Access Policy(PDF, 323KB)

NB: For traffic management of public events refer to: Events Policy

Flag Policy(PDF, 393KB)  and Application to fly a flag on the community flagpole(PDF, 195KB)

Fraud and Corruption Control Framework(PDF, 668KB)

Gifts Benefits and Hospitality(PDF, 956KB)

Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Procedure(PDF, 945KB)

Governance Rules(PDF, 737KB)

Grants, Contributions and Sponsorship(PDF, 884KB)

Guarantee of Community Loans(PDF, 59KB)

Information Privacy(PDF, 175KB)

Installation and Usage of Cattle Underpass within Colac Otway Shire(PDF, 60KB)

Installation and use of cattle grids(PDF, 1MB)

Internal Audit Control(PDF, 819KB)

Investment Attraction(PDF, 47KB)

Investment-Policy(PDF, 482KB)

Live Streaming and Recording of Council and Planning Committee Meetings(PDF, 181KB) 

Memorials and Plaques Policy(PDF, 665KB)

Off loading of Livestock at Colac Livestock Selling Centre(PDF, 48KB)

Plaques and Memorials in Colac Botanical Gardens(PDF, 45KB)

Playground Maintenance and Improvement Procedure(PDF, 348KB)

Procurement Policy(PDF, 459KB)

Public Transparency Policy(PDF, 359KB)

Rates Assistance to Community Groups(PDF, 206KB)

Recreation Reserves Fees and Charges(PDF, 91KB)

Residential properties deemed not to be rateable as used for Charitable Purposes(PDF, 374KB) 

Risk Management Framework(PDF, 2MB) 

Special Rates and Charges(PDF, 109KB)

Street Tree Maintenance(PDF, 129KB)

Temporary Naming of Sporting Grounds(PDF, 599KB)

Tourism Directional Signage(PDF, 77KB)

Use of the Old Beechy Rail Trail by Recreational Vehicles(PDF, 175KB)