Temporary Renaming of Sports Grounds

 Colac Otway Shire allows sporting clubs to apply for the temporary renaming of a sports ground, in connection with sponsorship naming rights. 

When you complete the application form you will need to provide us with details about:

  • the reserve or sports ground
  • Sponsorship
  • your club details

 You will also be required to agree to both our renaming conditions and our acquittal conditions.


All of the following conditions must be adhered to for the temporary renaming to be considered:

1. Naming rights are limited to sports grounds only.

2. The Naming Rights Sponsor should be the applicant tenant’s top tier sponsor. The appropriateness of the financial consideration shall be negotiated with Council officers considering industry benchmarks.

3. The term of the sponsorship is limited to the term of the club’s licence/lease agreement over the sports ground.

4. The proposed name of the sports ground should not be offensive or discriminatory in any way.

5. Funds raised are allocated to sports development or facility development, and are specifically not permitted to be allocated to player payments.

6. All tenants that use the renamed sports ground during the period of the sponsorship share in the proceeds.

7. The proposed sponsor is not associated with alcohol, cigarettes (including tobacco products) or gambling.

8. The sports ground is referred to by the approved ‘sponsored name’ in club, association, competition or league promotions and marketing only.

9. Any signage installed must meet Council’s Recreation Reserve Advertising guidelines and be approved by Council.

10. The terms of the temporary renaming of a sports ground may be reviewed by Council at any time.

11. Where a facility has multiple tenants within a season, written agreement between the tenants for the sponsorship to occur must be provided to Council.

12. All costs relating to the sponsorship and adhering to this procedure are to be borne by the applicant tenant.

13. The applicant tenant must indemnify Council against any loss should Council revoke the approval of the temporary renaming of the sports ground.

14. Sporting clubs will be required to acquit for sponsorship income generated by the temporary renaming of a sports ground to show that the conditions listed above are being met. Council may also ask a sporting club to confirm that other relevant guidelines and policies are being met in connection with the temporary renaming agreement.

Recreation Reserve Advertising Signage Guidelines

Application Form - Temporary renaming a sports ground(DOCX, 75KB)

Acquittal Form - Temporary renaming a sports ground(DOCX, 68KB)