Infection & Disease Control

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Information regarding Infection and Disease Control

Coronavirus - information for the community from the Department of Health and Human Services can be found on Council's website here:

Health Protection Officers regularly inspect tatooists, body piercing establishments, hairdressers and beauty salons to ensure correct hygiene and that safe practices are carried out by the operators.

Swimming pools and spas are also visited to ensure that the operators are disinfecting their recreational water to prevent infectious disease outbreaks.

Council supplies approved sharps containers as a free service and syringes found in the community may be reported to the Public Health Unit for immediate disposal.

To help reduce the spread of infectious diseases such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV in the community, the Colac Area Health also operates a needle and exchange program.

For advice concerning particular diseases, especially of children, it is suggested that you access the Department of Health & Human Services  Blue Book (Guidelines for the Control of Infectious Diseases)

For advice on the control and clean up procedures for Gastrointestinal Illness, please refer to the Department of Health & Human Services  document Guidelines for the Investigation of Gastrointestinal Illness

Or, you can search the Department of Health & Human Services website for information about other diseases and information.