1. Overview

Council provides a range of reports for the public to download. Browse through the links above to access reports. 

3. Quarterly Performance Reports

The Quarterly Performance Report provides council and the community with information on the progress of Council Plan actions, Planning and Building activities, Capital Works and Major Projects and the status of Council’s finances. Reports for quarter one, two and three can be downloaded below, quarter four is included in the Annual Report.

2020/21 March Quarterly Performance Report(PDF, 3MB)

2020/21 December Quarterly Performance Report(PDF, 5MB)

2020/21 September Quarterly Performance Report(PDF, 5MB)

2019/20 March Quarterly Performance Report(PDF, 6MB)  

2019/20 December Quarterly Performance Report(PDF, 5MB)

2019/20 September Quarterly Performance Report(PDF, 4MB)

2018/19 March Quarterly Performance Report(PDF, 1MB)

2018/19 December Quarterly Performance Report(PDF, 1MB)


4. 2021 Community Satisfaction Survey Report

In early 2021 JWS Research conducted a survey on behalf of Colac Otway Shire to determine how the Community rated Council's services in the past 12 months. Click on the links below to access the full reports.

2021 Community Satisfaction Survey Report(PDF, 3MB)

2021 Community Satisfaction Survey Report - Additional Questions(PDF, 243KB)