Animal Adoption

Rescue dog

Are you someone who can give an animal a second chance at life? Do you have the time and attention to devote to a special animal?


Adopt a dog or cat and receive FREE pet registration

Colac Otway Shire Council believes in giving unwanted animals a second chance with a new home. We encourage anyone considering dog or cat ownership to look at providing a home for one of the unwanted dogs or cats we have at Council's pound. For your generous gesture to these abandoned animals the Council will give you the current years registration free (a registration year is from April 10 to April 9 the following year) and a pet tag.

Many of these animals are abandoned, surrendered to council because they are in desperate need of a loving home. They are in the pound through no fault of their own and would make perfect family pets.

Your new pet is thoroughly checked

Council officers monitor abandoned animals for eight days to ensure they are suitable to be taken home as your new pet. Officers will not rehouse an animal showing aggression to humans or other animals, and will only rehouse if they believe rehousing will be successful, both for the owner and the animal.

Sadly, animals which are not claimed and cannot be rehoused within a given period of time must be humanely destroyed.


What you receive for adopting an animal

Once you have decided to rehouse a special animal, officers will provide you with a rehousing information kit which includes:

  • a vet check

  • free council registration and a tag for your pet for the current year

  • microchipping tag and information for your pet

  • vaccination certificate

  • de-sexing certificate

  • animal legislation and care booklets 

Costs associated with each animal varies, depending on size, age, and if it’s already de-sexed, microchipped or vaccinated. The only costs incurred by the new owner are veterinary expenses. The Council makes no profits from impounding or re-homing dogs.

Council officers love seeing animals find a new home. They receive great satisfaction from knowing the animals receive a second chance and in providing new owners with a very rewarding companionship.

For more information about adopting an animal contact our office on (03) 5232 9400.