Planning Applications & Advice

Planning permits relate to the use and development, and subdivision, of the land.

Council's Planning Department is responsible for land use and development under the Planning and Environment Act through the provisions of the Colac Otway Planning Scheme and for administering subdivision in accordance with the Subdivision Act 1988.  Planning permits can only be issued by Council, VCAT or the Minister for Planning. 

Before you start a new business, construct a new building, or change the way land or buildings are used you need to check if a planning permit is required. You may require a planning permit for a house, business, building works or a fence, depending on the zone and overlays that apply to your property.

Council is also responsible for amending the Planning Scheme, including rezoning, although all decisions are subject to final approval by the Minister for Planning.  Council undertakes a range of strategic planning projects to guide future use and development in the shire.