Planning scheme amendments

Current Amendments

C90 - Flood Amendment

Implements the findings of the Deans Creek and Barongarook Creek Flood Study (2017), through various mapping and ordinance changes affecting the flood controls for Colac and surrounds.

C97 - Colac 2050 Growth Plan

Amendment C97 is an amendment to the Colac Otway Planning Scheme which proposes to implement the key land use planning directions of the Colac 2050 Growth Plan by updating planning policy. It also proposes to replace the current Colac Framework Plan with the Colac 2050 Framework Plan. This updated Plan identifies a revised urban boundary, which will contain development within a defined area. It also seeks to improve the overall urban structure, connectivity and walkability of the town.

Completed Amendments

Completed Colac Otway Shire Planning Scheme Amendments can be found here.  Please refer to links below for recently completed amendments:

C96 - Planning Anomalies - approved 08/02/2018

Corrects mapping anomalies in the Colac Otway Planning Scheme and applies to various parcels of land throughout the municipality

C93 - Wye River & Separation Creek - BAL Mapping - approved 27/10/2016

Wye River and Separation Creek refined BAL mapping

C92 - Pound Road Elliminyt - Land Rezoning - approved 02/03/2017

The Amendment re-zones a part of 120 Pound Road, Elliminyt from the Rural Living Zone to the General Residential Zone; and amends the long term settlement boundary of the Colac Framework Plan within C... lause 21.03 of the Colac Otway Planning Scheme.

C91 - Barham River Road Apollo Bay - Land Rezoning - approved 06/04/2017

The amendment rezones part of the land at 200 Barham River Road, Apollo Bay from Public Use Zone 1 to the Rural Conservation Zone and part of 120 Barham River Road, Apollo Bay from Rural Conservation ... Zone to the Public Use Zone 1. Concurrently, a planning permit application is also made pursuant to Section 96A of the Planning and Environment Act 1987 (Planning Permit Application PP58/2016-1) for re-subdivision of four lots at 120 Barham River Road, Apollo Bay into two lots.  

C86 - Colac Township: Economic Development Commercial and Industrial Land Use Strategy - approved 25/10/2017

The amendment implements the Colac Township Economic Development, Commercial and Industrial Land Use Strategy 2017 by making various changes to local planning policy, zones and overlays, and by inclus... ion of two incorporated documents into the Colac Otway Planning Scheme.  

C85 - Factory Road Cororooke - Land Rezoning - approved 13/12/2017

Rezones part of 15 Factory Road, Cororooke from Township Zone to Public Park and Recreation Zone.