Quarry Consultative Committees

Ondit Quarry

Key matters discussed at the Ondit Quarry Consultative Committee meeting held 20 February 2024

  • Issues are continuing to be experienced with the delivery of regular water monitoring reports prior to the meeting.
  • Holcim have agreed to address this issue with their consultants to ensure the Committee have proper time available to review the water monitoring reports.
  • The Committee discussed issues concerning the low success rate of landscaping works and the need for annual replanting to replenish lost plantings.
  • Holcim have completed further screen landscaping along the northern boundary to meet its planning permit requirements.
  • Community nominations for two replacement members will be considered by Council at its meeting on 27 March 2024.
  • There were no exceedances of specified thresholds in either of the Dust or Blast monitoring reports for recent months
  • Holcim still intends to lodge a new planning permit to expand the quarry and are continuing to work with Earth Resources to finalise a Work Plan for endorsement.
  • This endorsement process by Earth Resources must be completed before a planning permit application can be made.
  • Next meeting is scheduled to be held on 20 August 2024


Mooleric Road Quarry

Key matters discussed at the Mooleric Road Consultative Committee meeting held 26 March 2024

  • No exceedances have been identified of the thresholds for dust monitoring or blast monitoring in recent months
  • Demand for materials has reduced due to a slowing economy.
  • Despite reduced demand the quarry has been operating at a steady rate of extraction, taking the opportunity to build stockpiles of materials.
  • Southern Rural Water are continuing to investigate higher nitrate levels in the some of the monitoring bores.
  • The view is that it is unlikely these high nitrate levels are attributed to the quarry operations.
  • Council has submitted a funding application for $2.1 million to the Federal Government to for the reconstruction of Mooleric Road.
  • The quarry operator has submitted an application to amend the planning permit conditions for the quarry.
  • This application has been the subject of objections and the applicant has placed the application on hold pending further discussion with an objector.
  • Next meeting is scheduled to be held on 24 September 2024


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