Extra Waste Collection Services

So far this year, the Wye River community has deposited approximately 5 tonne of green waste and approximately 2.5 tonne has been deposited by the Kennett River community with no waste contamination in either of the skips.

Our extra green waste collection may have finished, but the Colac Otway Shire Council's extra recycling collection will begin in December.

Green Waste Skip Bin Trial - Lavers Hill/Beech Forest and Forrest.

A skip for green waste drop-off will be offered to residents of Lavers Hill/Beech Forest and Forrest to help with bushfire preparedness.

  • Thursday 1 December until Monday 19 December 2022
  • 2-4 Main Road, Beech Forest
  • 47 Grant Street, Forrest

Deposited green waste will be chipped and composted.

Please don't use the skip to dispose of other material, including domestic waste, as that will contaminate this process.

Extra Recycling Collection Services

Council’s weekly recycling (yellow lid) kerbside collection will be happening again, commencing in December:

  • Monday 19 December for Week Two collection areas (finishing Friday 20 January, 2023), and
  • Monday 26 December for Week One collection areas (finishing Friday 27 January, 2023).

When you put your green bin out, put your yellow bin out too.

Stay informed about your waste collection service by downloading the Good Sort App.

Not sure which collection week you are? Visit When Will My Bin Be Collected