Amend or Extend a Planning Permit

Under Section 72 of the Planning & Environment Act 1987 an application may be made to amend most planning permits.  Amendments can be sought to:

  • alter endorsed approved plans
  • remove or change planning permit conditions
  • change the use or development for which the permit was issued
  • extend the life of a permit

You are encouraged to speak with a planner about whether your proposed amendment could be considered under secondary consent or if you are required to submit an application to amend the permit.  Contact Council's Planning Department on 03 5232 9400 or

Request changes to a planning permit application in progress

If you have applied for a planning permit and a decision has not been made you can apply to amend the proposal.  Please note a fee of 40% of the application fee (or if a new application fee is higher, the difference between the two fees) may be payable.

Check with your planning officer for more information.


Request an amendment to a planning permit

If your planning permit has already been approved, you may be able to change it or make changes, this could impact other properties.

To change the description of what a permit allows or conditions of a permit you'll need to do so under Section 72 of the Planning and Environment Act


Secondary consent

However, if the amendment to the endorsed plans is relatively minor, you may be able to apply under secondary consent if it is considered the changes would be unlikely to cause detriment to other properties or affect the interest of a referral authority .


Extension of Time for a Planning Permit

Your planning permit will state the time frames that any development/use must be started and completed. If you need more time you can request an extension of time.  Please note application must be made before a planning permit expires, within six months afterwards, or within twelve months if development has started.