Corporate Public Documents

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Meeting Agendas, Reports to Council and Minutes - Council and Delegated Committees  Agendas and Minutes
Audit and Risk Committee Charter  Charter 2022(PDF, 402KB)

Terms of Reference:

  1. Delegated Committees
  2. Community Asset Committees
  3. Advisory Committees of Council

  1. Page detail under review
  2. Draft Induction Guide(PDF, 2MB)
  3. Page detail under review
 Gift Registers for Councillors and Council Staff Register - December 2022(PDF, 117KB)
 Travel Registers for Councillors and Council Staff Page detail under review
 Registers of Leases entered into by Council  Register at 27 July 2023(PDF, 687KB)
 Register of Authorisations and Delegations  July 2023(PDF, 103KB)
 Register of Election Campaign Donations  2020
 Register and Summary of Personal Interests
  1. Register June 2023(PDF, 17KB)
  2. Summary - June 2023(PDF, 889KB)
 Councillors Allowances - Category 2  Mayor, deputy mayor and councillors

 Any other Registers or Records required by the Act or any other Act

Other links:

Planning Committee - Instrument of Delegation (Delegated Committee)(PDF, 1MB)

Public Interest Disclosure Act 2012

Details on this legislation can be found here

The Colac Otway Shire Council Public Interest Disclosure Procedures(PDF, 229KB) can be accessed by clicking on the link.