Road Safety Information

Towards Zero is Victoria's plan to ensure no one is seriously injured on our roads. It acknowledges that we all face risks on our roads. But our choice to use the road shouldn't cost us our lives.

That's why we need to ensure we have a safe transport system in place. Together we can build a system that protects us from our own mistakes and those of others.

A safe road network is a shared responsibility in which all of us play an important part. By acting in a safe manner we can protect ourselves, and protect those around us, helping Victoria to move Towards Zero.

 As part of the shared responsibility it is import that we also make certain that international drivers on Victorian roads have the necessary road rule and driver safety information so that they and the Victorian community remain safe.

VicRoads has provided the links below to assist with keeping our roads safe.

Information on the VicRoads website is also available in eight languages apart from English.

The TAC site provides some hand tips and a long road trips checklist.

The Visit Victoria site provides safe driving information as well.