Development Plans, Frameworks & Strategies

Incorporated Documents

ALL CURRENT and UP TO DATE Incorporated Documents can be found here

Apollo Bay Coastal Valley and Hills Precinct Development Principles - 2003

AS2021-2015 - Acoustics - Aircraft Noise Intrusion - Building Siting and Construction

Australian Lamb Company - Colac Abattoir and Food Production Plant

Bulla Dairy Foods - Connor and Murray Street, Colac

Johanna Coast to Cape Otway Coastal Valley and Hills Precinct Development Principles - 2003

Planning requirements for racing dog keeping and training - August 2017

Powerline Bushfire Safety Program - Native Vegetation Removal Code of Practice - 2016

Princes Highway Duplication - Winchelsea to Colac

Restructure Plans for Old and Inappropriate Subdivisions in Colac Otway Shire - 2012

The Great Ocean Road Region Landscape Assessment Study - 2003(PDF, 28MB)

Wye River and Separation Creek Bushfire Affected Properties - 2016

Whiskey Distillery Colac, 265-281 Murray Street, Colac - November 2019

Warrnambool Line Upgrade - December 2019

Development Plans

DPO2 - Jennings Street Development Plan - December 2021(PDF, 178KB)

DPO2 Development Plan - Sinclair Street Hearn Street & Armstrong Street - 19 June 2018(PDF, 90KB)

DPO2 - Water & Sewer Network - Guidance Document - Hearn Street Armstrong Street & Sinclair Street - 28 November 2018(PDF, 687KB)

Colac Development Plan Area 4 & 5 - 7 November 2014(PDF, 400KB)

Council Projects

Apollo Bay Commercial Centre Parking Plan - 2011(PDF, 6MB)  

Apollo Bay Settlement Boundary Urban Design Review - 2012(PDF, 3MB)

Birregurra and Forrest Community Infrastructure Plan - 2012(PDF, 2MB)

Colac and Apollo Bay Car Parking Strategy - Final Report(PDF, 7MB)

Colac-and-Apollo-Bay-Car-Parking-Strategy-Appendix-A.pdf(PDF, 213KB)

Colac Otway Colac CBD & Entrances Project Report - 2012(PDF, 36MB)

Colac Commercial Centre Parking Plan - 2011(PDF, 7MB)

Colac Otway Shire Heritage Strategy - 2013(PDF, 1MB)

Colac Otway Heritage Study - Volume I(PDF, 212MB)  (Revised)

Colac Otway Heritage Study Volume II Part 1 (Revised)(PDF, 169MB)

Colac Otway Heritage Study Volume II Part 2 (Revised)(PDF, 149MB)

Colac Otway Rural Living Strategy - 2011(PDF, 10MB)

Colac Otway Rural Land Strategy - 2007(PDF, 7MB)

Colac Township Economic Development Commercial and Industrial Land Use Strategy - 2017(PDF, 4MB)  

Open Space Strategy(PDF, 6MB)

Planning Scheme Review - 2015(PDF, 899KB)

Siting and Design Guidelines for Structures on the Victorian Coast - 1998

Structure Plans

Apollo Bay Structure Plan - Vol 1 - 2007(PDF, 3MB)  

Apollo Bay Structure Plan - Vol 2 - 2007(PDF, 1MB)

Birregurra Structure Plan - 2013(PDF, 9MB)

Colac Structure Plan - Part 1 - 2007(PDF, 6MB)

Colac Structure Plan - Part 2 - 2007(PDF, 7MB)

Colac Structure Plan - Part 3 - 2007(PDF, 3MB)

Colac Structure Plan - Part 4 - 2007(PDF, 3MB)

Forrest Structure Plan - 2011(PDF, 2MB)

Kennett River, Wye River and Separation Creek Structure Plans - 2008(PDF, 6MB)

Township Master Plans

Barwon Downs Township Master Plan - 2006(PDF, 2MB)

Beeac Township Master Plan - 2002 - Reviewed 2007(PDF, 2MB)

Beech Forest Township Master Plan - 2004(PDF, 877KB)

Carlisle River Township Master Plan - 2004(PDF, 1MB)

Cressy Township Master Plan - 2002 - Reviewed 2007(PDF, 5MB)

Gellibrand River Township Master Plan - 2005(PDF, 2MB)

Kennett River, Wye River and Separation Creek Township Master Plan - 2008(PDF, 6MB)

Lavers Hill Township Master Plan - 2006(PDF, 5MB)

Swan Marsh Township Master Plan - 2002 - Reviewed 2008(PDF, 662KB)

Neighbourhood Character Studies

Apollo Bay and Marengo Neighbourhood Character Study - 2003(PDF, 606KB)

Birregurra Neighbourhood Character Study - 2012(PDF, 7MB)

Skenes Creek, Kennett River, Wye River and Separation Creek - Neighbourhood Character Study - 2005(PDF, 4MB)


CCMA Floodplain Management Strategy - 2002(PDF, 3MB)

CCMA Floodplain Management Strategy - Update 2013(PDF, 516KB)  

Central West Victoria Regional Coastal Action Plan - 2003

Central West Victoria Estuaries Coastal Action Plan - 2005

Coastal Spaces Recommendations Report - 2006

Colac Otway Stormwater Management Plan Volume 1 - 2002(PDF, 2MB)

Colac Otway Stormwater Management Plan Volume 2 - 2002(PDF, 12MB)

Corangamite Native Vegetation Strategy - 2003-2008

Corangamite Regional Catchment Strategy - 2013-2019

Corangamite Waterway Strategy - 2014-2022

Corangamite Salinity Action Plan - 2005-2008

Domestic Wastewater Management Plan- Operational Plan - 2015(PDF, 2MB)

Domestic Wastewater Management Plan - Technical Document - 2015(PDF, 11MB)

Municipal Fire Prevention Planning Guidelines - 1997

Three Towns Stormwater Management Strategy Concept Study - Final Report - 2004(PDF, 22MB)

Victorian Coastal Strategy - 2014

Wastewater Management - Issues Paper - 2002(PDF, 5MB)