Apollo Bay Harbour Upgrade to Boat Ramp Floating Pontoons

  • Project typeApollo Bay Harbour Improvement/Upgrade
  • Project value$800,000
  • Contractor nameBellingham Marine
  • Completion Date31 March 2023

Installation of gangways - 23 February 2023

The gangways for access to the pontoons were fitted over 2 weeks in February.  The installation is complete for all-abilities public use of both new pontoons.

West pontoon finished - 20230219.JPG

2 finished pontoons looking south - 20230223.JPG

West pontoon - long shot - 20230219.JPG

East pontoon finished at dawn - 20230223.JPG

Pontoon assembly and installation 12-16 December 2022

The pontoon sections were systematically lowered into the harbour by crane and assembled at the fishermen's wharf.  The two completed pontoons have been towed into place at the boat ramp ready for use during the Christmas holiday period.


Aligning the new pontoon with the piles at the boat ramp

 lifting section into water at low landing - 20221212.JPG

Lifting a pontoon section into place for assembly at the fishermen's wharf 

leaving low landing - 20221215.JPG   

Assembled pontoon leaving the fishermen's wharf under tow

Project Background

The project is part of the Victorian Government’s unprecedented $47.2 million investment into Victorian boating and is being funded through Better Boating Victoria (BBV).

The project will replace the existing wooden jetty and floating pontoon with larger and more durable floating pontoons on each side of the boat ramp, creating provisions for all-abilities access.

The two 55 and 60 metre long floating pontoons will create significantly more space for boats to be temporarily tied up, freeing up capacity at the ramp and improving the efficiency of vessel launching and retrieval.

Access at all tides will be made easier through the pontoon replacement work and by dredging alongside construction.

Works Schedule

Bellingham Marine has been engaged to deliver the works. The first stage of works, which involves the demolition of the existing structures and driving of the new piles, is scheduled to begin in the last week of October. The duration of this stage of works is expected to be 2-3 weeks.

The second stage of the works, which includes the installation of the new pontoons and gangways, is planned to commence in the last week of November and will take 2-3 weeks to complete.

Works are expected to be completed by December, in time for the summer school holidays and peak boating period.

The boat ramp will remain open for as long as possible but will have to be closed at certain times to protect contractors and members of the public.  Notifications of any closures or restrictions to access will be highlighted above, at the top of this page.

Boaters can keep up to date with progress via the new Boating Vic boat ramp camera at https://www.boating.vic.gov.au/ramps/a157F000001P6QBQA0.



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