Social Housing Strategy

Council resolved to adopt the Colac Otway Social Housing Plan at its ordinary meeting of 26 May 2021.


The Plan will be instrumental in shaping social housing initiatives in our municipality into the future.  It provides clarity around Council’s role in undertaking leadership and advocacy in the area of social housing provision, within an existing framework of planning and funding.  



Social-housing-in-the-G21-region-FNL.pdf(PDF, 1MB)

The-Big-Picture-FNL.pdf(PDF, 802KB)

What-is-social-housing-FNL.pdf(PDF, 1MB)

Adoption of this Plan strengthens Council’s position in ‘shaping the spend’, with a view to advocating for increasing investment in social housing in the municipality. 

The Plan is one of a suite of plans prepared for each Council in the G21 area, and which will be compiled to form the G21 Regional Social Housing Strategy.  

Colac Otway Social Housing Plan(PDF, 1MB)