Waste Collection Forms

Report a Missed Bin Collection

Your council wheelie bins need to be placed out for collection the evening prior to you collection day. If your waste has not been collected by 4pm, please contact council.

Use council's Submit a Request form to report your missed waste collection or call the customer service team on 5232 9400.

Reasons your bin might not get collected.

  • Contains incorrect material
  • Bin was placed out after collection
  • Bin was placed in the wrong location for collection
  • Bin was overfilled

Report a Lost or Stolen Bin

Fees apply for replacement of lost or stolen bins. Information about Waste disposal charges are available on our website.

Request for replacement bin

Report a Damaged Wheelie Bin

If any of your council-supplied wheelie bins are damaged, please contact the customer service team to discuss a repair or replacement.

If you are submitting a request to repair or replace a damaged bin, please put your EMPTY bin out the night before your collection so the damaged bin can be repaired or replaced by our contractors on the morning of your collection. e.g if your bin is collected on Friday please bin out Thursday night.

Apply for a new kerbside collection

For newly built properties, your Certificate of Occupancy must accompany your application.

New Kerbside Request Application Form

Request an Additional Bin or Upgrade Collection

Fees apply for additional bins or upgraded collection services. Information about Waste disposal charges are available on our website.

Request for an Additional or Upgrade Kerbside Collection

Report a litter or dumped rubbish issue

Contact details
About the issue
Can the person who dumped the rubbish be identified?