Kerbside Collection Waste, Recycling & Organics Calendars

Unsure which calendar to download? Click on My Neighbourhood or When Will My Bin Be Collected? and type in your address as it appears on your rates notice, this will bring up the next collection date for each bin type collected in your neighbourhood.

2020-2021 Waste Collection Calendars

Fortnightly waste collection calendar (Week 2)

2020-2021-Waste-Calendars-WEDNESDAY-FORTNIGHT-Week-2.pdf(PDF, 602KB)

Weekly collection calendar (Week 1)

2020-2021-Waste-Calendars-Week-1.pdf  (PDF, 195KB)

Weekly collection calendar (Week 2)

2020-2021-Waste-Calendars-Week-2.pdf  (PDF, 194KB)

What goes in which bin - a list of waste and advice as to if it goes in your red, green or yellow bin

Visy Recycling Information(PDF, 2MB)