Three-Year-Old Kindergarten


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Funded three-year-old kindergarten is being introduced across Victoria as a new initiative to support young children to get the best start to their education.

Funded kindergarten programs for three-year-olds are being rolled out in stages. Colac Otway Shire was in the second stage of the roll out for this program back in 2021 where up to 15 hours per week of subsidised kindergarten was available.

Here is a video outlining the new three-year-old funded kindergarten initiative:

Three year old Kinder


Why should I enrol my child in 3-year-old kinder? 

Research shows that quality play-based learning is a powerful way to support children’s learning and development.

The benefits last into the school years and beyond.

Evidence also shows that two years are better than one when it comes to early learning.

Taking part in a quality kindergarten program at an earlier age leads to positive effects on child development. It has even greater benefits for children who need extra support or are in vulnerable circumstances. Teachers support children to develop curiosity, concentration, resilience and creativity. Through play they learn language skills, basic maths concepts, and how to regulate their behaviour and get along with others.


Am I eligible to pay no or very low fees?

Government subsidies cover approximately two thirds of the costs of delivering kindergarten programs. Fees paid by families cover the remaining cost and are set by individual service providers. Families can access a kindergarten program in a sessional kindergarten at low or no cost if their child:

  • is Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
  • is a triplet or quadruplet
  • is covered by a Health Care Card
  • holds an eligible concession card or refugee, humanitarian or asylum seeker visa, or their parent or guardian does.


How do I enrol my child?

Talk to your local kindergarten or childcare provider to understand their enrolment process, and visit their centre and staff.

You can look at service quality ratings here: Starting Blocks

Every provider is different, and finding the one that best suits your family's needs is important.

Colac Otway Shire located Kinderagrtens and Childcare Centres are now taking enrolments for three-year-old funded kindergarten click on the link below to find a kinder near you and how to register.