Kindergarten Infrastructure and Services Plan

Colac Otway Shire is working in partnership with the Victorian Government to make sure that providers can meet demand for Three-year old Kinder and also provide clarity around infrastructure and service demand across the whole of the Shire.

To achieve this Colac Otway Shire has committed to a Kindergarten Infrastructure and Services Plan (KISP) to help enable this initiative to work.

What is a KISP?

A KISP will allow DET and an LGA to share information regarding and agree on:

  • the current supply (or capacity) and demand for funded kindergarten in the LGA
  • forecast demand for Three- and Four-Year-Old Kindergarten
  • expectations about how demand growth will be accommodated over the roll-out (for example, the use of existing capacity and building new or expanded capacity, and the role of different types of provision).


While a KISP is not a funding document and would not commit any party to funding specific projects, it is expected that future investment requests through Building Blocks and decisions for any LGA or not-for-profit projects would align with the relevant KISP. To ensure a transparent and collaborative approach across the market, the KISPs will be publicly available.

For more information on the KISP please go to the Department of Education and Training website:


Colac Otway Shire Kindergarten Infrastructure and Services Plan(PDF, 916KB)