Quarry Consultative Committees

Ondit Quarry

Key matters discussed at the Ondit Quarry Consultative Committee meeting held 15 August 2023

  • Issues were experienced with delivery of the regular water monitoring reports prior to the meeting – a special meeting of the Committee is to be convened on 5 September 2023 to discuss this report.
  • There were no exceedances of specified thresholds in either of the Dust or Blast monitoring reports for recent months
  • Further monitoring of blast impacts has been arranged for a property owner to the north-east of the site following an enquiry about blasting activity.
  • Nominations are currently being sought by Council for the two community representative positions on the Committee. Nominations need to be lodged with Council by 1 September 2023,
  • Holcim intends establishing further screen landscaping along the northern boundary to meet planning permit requirements and excluding cattle grazing to protect the new vegetation from damage.
  • Holcim is still in the preparation phase for a new planning permit to be lodged with Council in the future for quarrying of material from land they purchased north of Ondit Warrion Road. It is unclear when this will be lodged with Council. The company is still working with Earth Resources to finalise a Work Plan for endorsement. 
  • Next meeting is scheduled to be held on20 February 2024


Mooleric Road Quarry

Key matters discussed at the Mooleric Road Consultative Committee meeting held 28 March 2023

  • Birregurra Quarries reported that there have been no complaints regarding the operations since the last meeting of the Committee, and the quarry has been operating without incident.
  • The Quarry has recently lodged an amendment to the current application for an Amendment to planning permit conditions.  The changes reduce the scope of truck movements to an average of 55 per day, without limit per hour.  Council is currently arranging public notice of the amended application and has referred it to relevant agencies and internal departments for comment.
  • Council indicated it will be undertaking repairs to the highest priority areas of Mooleric Road to address failures in its condition within the next two months. Council intends to seek external grants to assist with funding of broader pavement rehabilitation works in Mooleric Road. 
  • Next meeting is scheduled to be held on 26 September 2023


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