Swimming Pool & Spa Fencing

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As a pool or spa owner, you have an obligation to maintain the operation of your swimming pool or spa barrier to prevent access to the pool or spa.

If your pool and/or spa is capable of holding water greater than 300mm (30cm) you must have a compliant safety barrier.

Barriers are required for in-ground pools and spas; above-ground pools and spas including inflatable and relocatable pools; indoor pools and spas; jacuzzis, hot tubs, swim spas or portable spas; and children’s paddling pools capable of containing more than 300 mm (30cm) of water.

If you already own a pool or spa, link to VBA website will help you assess the safety of your barrier.

Further Information can be found at  the VBA website  

Pool and spa owners have legal obligations to maintain their safety barriers at all times.

Non-compliance, for any reason, can increase the risk of drowning and lead to prosecution.