Revegetation Support Program

The Wye River and Separation Creek revegetation support program is an initiative to assist fire-affected properties in Wye River and Separation Creek. The program is contributing to community recovery by supporting the efforts of landholders to revegetate their fire-affected properties. Over the life of the program some 7500 native plants will be given to the community for planting on private land.

This program is funded by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) and is being delivered by the Southern Otway Landcare Network (SOLN). It is also supported by the community-led Flora, Fauna and Beachscape work-group.

Expressions of Interest to participate in this program are now being sought - the online Expression of Interest form is at the bottom of this page.

Am I eligible?

All fire-affected properties in Wye River and Separation Creek are eligible to receive plants through the revegetation support program.

What will be delivered as part of the revegetation support program?

In total, the revegetation support program will provide approximately 7,500 native plants over four or five years. It is estimated that this will work out to be approximately 50 plants per fire-affected property, depending on individual needs and environmental conditions. The plants will be from locally sourced seed at SOLN’s nursery in the Otway region. Propagating the plants locally ensures that the best possible stock is offered for the program in the most cost-effective manner.

How do I get my plants?

To obtain plants the first step is to complete the EOI form. The information provided will help SOLN to determine the specific needs of each property. The key steps in the process are outlined below:

     Expressions of Interest open on Monday, 18 February 2019.

     Note: The expression of interest process will open again next year, but it would assist our planning if you submit an EOI now even if you won’t be ready to receive plants this year.

     Winter 2019: Locally propagated plants ready for winter planting. Winter planting is important in coastal environments to support healthy establishment and growth.

     Spring 2019: Property visits and follow up from the Southern Otway Landcare Network.  

While it’s best to begin landscaping once the rebuilding process is complete, we understand that not everyone has decided if or when they will rebuild. Regardless of your exact situation we suggest that you complete an EOI form and then SOLN will contact you to determine the best revegetation program for your block.

It is important to note that the EOI process will be open in late summer each year until the conclusion of the revegetation support program. If you wish to submit an EOI this year but you do not want to receive your plants until later in the program, you can specify this in your form.

What plants will be available?

The species of plants available through the revegetation support program will be selected from the Landscaping Your Coastal Garden for Bushfire booklet, which you can download here(PDF, 5MB) . There will also be native canopy species available. Once you have completed the EOI, SOLN will make contact and discuss your needs in greater detail and answer any questions you have about the plants available.

Where can I get further information?

If you would like more information in relation to the EOI process, availability of plants and timing or what is appropriate for you, property, please contact Ally Hughes, Manager or the Southern Otway Landcare Network at

Please note, you can select to have a copy of your completed form emailed to you for your records. 

If you would prefer, however, to fill out a hardcopy of the expression of interest form you can download it here: (PDF, 102KB)Revegetation-Support-Program-Expression-of-Interest-Form-2019.pdf(PDF, 111KB) .