Proposed change to speed limit at Kennett River and Colac

No longer on display. Expired on 19 April 2024, 05:00 PM

Council is seeking feedback and insights from our Colac Otway community regarding proposed speed zone changes in the Colac Central Business District (CBD) and establishing a shared zone in Kennett River.

In response to growing concerns about pedestrian safety and the overall livability of Colac, Council is considering reducing the speed limit to 40km/h within the Colac CBD. This change aims to enhance safety for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists alike, fostering a more pedestrian-friendly environment while accommodating traffic flow through the Colac town centre.

Additionally, Council is exploring introducing a shared zone in Kennett River. This shared zone would prioritise the safety of all road users, including pedestrians, cyclists, cars, and buses, by creating a shared space where vehicles must give way to pedestrians and cyclists with equal rights to the road.

Council is encouraging community members to share your thoughts, concerns and suggestions regarding these proposed speed zone adjustments as we continue to work to create safer and more accessible environments for all users.  

To make a submission


Post: Colac Otway Shire Council, PO Box 283, Colac, VIC 3250 

In-person: 2-6 Rae Street Colac, or 100 Great Ocean Road, Apollo Bay (GORVIC).

Submissions close at 5pm Friday 19 April 2024. Please indicate within your submission whether you wish to speak in person to your submission at a future Council meeting.

Thank you for sharing your ideas.