Lake Corangamite Nature Reserve

Lake Corangamite is Ramsar-listed.

Lake Corangamite is the largest permanent salt-water lake in Australia, with a surveyed area of over 23,000 hectares. It is listed as a RAMSAR site and provides permanent and seasonal habitat for a number of local and international rare and threatened flora and fauna species. Historically, this area was used by the local community as a swimming beach, and hence the site is often referred to as the ‘bathing boxes’.

Lake Corangamite Nature Reserve is approximately 5 hectares in size, and contains potential foraging habitat for the endangered Corangamite Water Skink. Visitor facilities are minimal; however the site has under gone recent development which included native revegetation, more interpretive signage, gravel car parking, a walking path, and seating.


Lake Corangamite Foreshore Reserve, Alvie 3249  View Map

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