Lake Colac


With a surface area of 2,778 hectares and a circumference of 33 kilometres, Lake Colac is the largest natural freshwater lake in Victoria. The lake has an average maximum depth of 2.5 metres, however in recent years the level has been much lower than this.

The lake is part of the Corangamite basin formed by early volcanic activity, which blocked the natural outflow of Deans Creek and Barongarook Creek.

Lake Colac is a popular location for fishing, water activities and other recreation along its shoreline. The area surrounding the lake includes the Colac Botanic Gardens, Bird Reserve, Yacht Club, Rowing Club, Fishing Club, and Meredith Park.

Amenities by the lake in Colac include parking, barbeques, picnic tables, a playground, and public toilets, all located at the eastern end of the foreshore below the Botanic Gardens.

Water Quality and Health advice

For more information on water quality test results and health advice for Lake Colac, visit Lakes & Waterways


Lake Colac Timeline

The Lake Colac Timeline has been created as a project of the Lake Colac Coordinating Committee, with significant input by committee members. The timeline seeks to capture: key historical milestones, significant events, lake level and other environmental information, and human amenity uses of Lake Colac and immediate surrounds.

The Lake Colac Coordinating Committee is an advisory committee that provides a forum for coordinated efforts of community, Local Government and State Government agencies to advise Council on the revitalisation and development of Lake Colac as a recreational, tourism, social, environmental and economic asset.

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