'Life' is the theme of CrossXpollinatioN 2020

Published on 01 November 2019

CrossXpollinatioN web tile.png

Oscar Wilde famously said life was too important to be taken seriously; while John Lennon believed that life was what happened when you were busy making other plans.

Whichever way you view Life, it provides a rich canvas for fibre and textile artists to interpret as the theme for CrossXpollinatioN 2020.

COPACC Manager Tamzin McLennan has encouraged artists from near and far to start working on their 2020 CrossXpollinatioN entries.

She said the Life theme was inspired by next year’s feature artist Andrew Delaney, whose work would span life, death and the things that exist between.

“Andrew’s work will be confronting and challenging; and will compel viewers to explore social and moral questions about what it is to be human,” she said.

“It's the perfect jumping off point for a theme like Life because it can inspire so many different interpretations.

“Some of CrossXpollinatioN’s closest community partners have lost people close to them in the past 12-18 months, so we also thought that this theme spoke to their recent lived experiences and took on a deeper meaning.”

Exact dates are still being finalised for next year’s exhibition, but Ms McLennan said artists should plan on having their pieces ready to photograph by late April/early May; in preparation for a June/July exhibition.

“For all the latest news on CrossXpollinatioN, please follow our facebook page,” she said.