Council applauds the work of Community Asset Communities

Published on 31 March 2023

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Council has developed a Community Asset Induction program to support Committee members who manage assets such as community halls and recreation reserves in Colac Otway Shire.

Mayor Chris Potter commended the work of local Community Asset Committee (CACs) volunteers across the region.

“Community Asset Committee members willingly volunteer and apply their skills and experience to ensure public halls, recreation reserves and sporting facilities are maintained and support the health and wellbeing of our small town communities.

“CACs do great work for Colac Otway and Council acknowledge members have had to work through a range of anomalies following the introduction of the Local Government Act 2020 in relation to a management and governance model for CACs,” Cr Potter said.

Council has developed and is now implementing a training program framed around its Community Asset Committee Induction Guide.

“To support our CACs, Council officers have developed an induction program and are working with individual Committees to support their learning and assist them in their role,” Cr Potter said.

“The induction is designed to explain the roles and responsibilities of CACs and provide information to ensure all committee members are confident in undertaking their responsibilities.

“To provide this support, Council officers are in regular communication with CACs to ensure we’re all working together to achieve the best outcome for our communities.

“Our community facilities are an important part of our local communities, they provide venues for groups and individuals to meet, play, exercise and socialise, creating a sense of place, belonging and supporting participation in community life.”


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