Further Update- Gate Installation, Old Coach Road, Skenes Creek

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Further Update- Gate Installation, Old Coach Road, Skenes Creek

After the Community Consultation of 2020 and receipt of resident feedback in 2020/2021, Council resolved on 24th March 2021 to install self-closing gates at the North and South sections of Old Coach Road, Skenes Creek. The aim was to provide a solution to the traffic and amenity problems on Old Coach Road, and this information was sent to residents. Following this resolution council re-liaised with some interested local residents and the location of the northern gate was changed through council later in 2021 due to issues with long vehicles having to stop going up the hill and to increase the gate’s visibility from Skenes Creek Road.

After a recent on-site discussion with the Gate Supplier, Council have been informed that the northern gate location needs to be altered in order to accommodate placing of the solar-powered sensors which will operate the gate.

The new locations will be as follows-

North gate: At the Council Stack Site (South end of Site) Old Coach Road (similar to original location). The southern sensor will be placed further down the hill to allow the gate to open before vehicles reach it and the gate will be slightly further north than the original location resolved in March 2021 so that vehicles can slow down on flatter ground when travelling from the south.

South Gate: At the South Side of the Barwon Water tanks, Old Coach Road with a turnaround pad for approaching vehicles to be installed on the southern side of the gate.

The gate installation (including signage) will take place on the 11th February, 2022 which will be the official commencement of the 1 year trial to determine if the gates are an appropriate permanent solution to the traffic problems.

Further information regarding what the trial involves will be provided to residents shortly.

Council has also commenced the process for the speed limit change on Old Coach Road in consultation with the Department of Transport.

We appreciate your feedback and patience, and if you have further questions please contact Council on 5232 9400 or via inq@colacotway.vic.gov.au .