Apollo Bay Harbour Redevelopment

  • Project typeApollo Bay Harbour Redevelopment
  • Project value$12M in Australian Government funding
  • Completion Date01 September 2023


A Geelong City Deal Project

The Apollo Bay Harbour Redevelopment is an exciting three year project funded by the Australian Government, as part of the Geelong City Deal, which is a 10-year revitalisation plan for Geelong and the Great Ocean Road.

The Port of Apollo Bay is estimated to contribute more than $43 million annually to the State’s economy and is home to a local fishing industry and annual catch value of $8 to $10 million. The infrastructure improvements including expansion of the local Fishermen’s Cooperative will assist the growth of domestic and export markets, create local employment opportunities and secure the harbour’s future as a viable and attractive working Port. 

Improvements made through implementation of the Geelong City Deal will ensure the Apollo Bay Harbour can continue to contribute to the local and visitor economy to benefit the region and State of Victoria. These benefits also support recreational fishing, sailing and safe refuge, and enhances this precinct as a popular destination for tourists and locals alike.

Project Development

The Apollo Bay Harbour Development Plan was adopted by Colac Otway Shire Council in December 2020 following a long consultation phase with the communities and stakeholders of Apollo Bay. This plan was required by Council to enable and guide development of the harbour which is now funded through the Geelong City Deal. The $12 million funding will see key elements of the adopted plan delivered, with remaining project elements to be delivered at a later stage subject to further funding (see below for complete Apollo Bay Harbour Redevelopment plans).

The projects to be funded by the Geelong City Deal for the Apollo Bay Harbour Redevelopment include:

  • Utility upgrades for the precinct
  • Civil works to improve parking and access 
  • Port Depot upgrades
  • Fishermen’s Co-op upgrades
  • New waterfront promenade and boardwalk 

Project Plan 

The proposed Apollo Bay Harbour Redevelopment will go through four phases of project management, including (1) Concept Development, (2) Planning and Detailed Design, (3) Construction, and (4) Completion.

The Concept Development phase for this project commenced in 2020 and has been informed by the Apollo Bay Harbour Development Plan.

Due to the planning permit process and Authority approvals required of a project located on the coast in an environmentally and culturally sensitive area, the project will go through a comprehensive Planning and Detailed Design Phase that includes costing the works before entering the Construction Phase.

Construction is expected to be rolled out from approximately December 2021 with an anticipated completion date for all elements of the project by late 2023.

Project Benefits
  • The Apollo Bay Harbour Improvements will help achieve the Shire and community’s vision for a harbour as an iconic destination along the Great Ocean Road for residents and visitors to enjoy all year round.
  • The Apollo Bay Harbour is one of only three safe blue water havens in Victoria, west of Port Phillip Bay, and is a significant infrastructure asset in the Barwon South West region and State of Victoria.
  • The investment will capitalise on Apollo Bay’s unique location along the Great Ocean Road and maintain its distinctive seaside fishing village character and working port.
  • It will create a new tourist destination which complements the Apollo Bay village character and boosts tourist spending in Apollo Bay.
  • Pedestrian and cyclist connections between Apollo Bay town centre and the port will be enhanced. 

Community and Stakeholder Engagement

Engagement with key stakeholders has commenced with the City Deal Team reporting monthly to the Community Reference Group and Project Control Group. These two groups provide guidance and direction to the Project Management Team.

The City Deal Team is located at the Colac Otway Shire Council Nelson Street office and are available to chat about these projects.

If you wish to be kept informed about the project, you are encouraged to complete the +SUBSCRIBE section on this website. That way you can be updated more regularly on the project progress via email.

Find a link to the latest project update under the Project Updates section on this page.

Geelong City Deal Objectives

The Geelong and Great Ocean Road City Deal aims to:

  • support growth in the visitor economy through strengthening Geelong and the Great Ocean Road region as leading tourism destinations
  • drive continued economic diversification and jobs growth, supporting innovation and building on emerging strengths for Geelong and the Great Ocean Road region. 

Apollo Bay Harbour Redevelopment - Project Details

Following is a more detailed summary of the projects to be delivered by the Geelong City Deal funding:


  • Utility Upgrades – plans to underground the power lines and NBN provision entering the precinct from Nelson St and in ensuring the Barwon Water sewer and water assets can service the precinct now and into the future.


  • Nelson Street pathway – a 3m width shared pathway on the north side of Nelson St complete with kerb & channel and formalised parallel parking to provide cycling and pedestrian access from the town centre to the Harbour precinct.
  • Breakwater Road upgrade - the intersection with Nelson St/Harbour Entry Road to provide safer road access to the Harbour and through to the Boat Ramp car park.
  • Harbour Entry Road improvements – to provide a retaining wall and 2.5m path on the west side, 4 car parks adjacent to the slipway compound, and relocation of the boom gate to the north.
  • Mothers Beach Car Park upgrade – reconstructed to provide an all-weather car park. The diesel tank relocated to the west Breakwater.
  • Boat trailer parking area – additional car parks constructed on the north and south sides with an additional area sealed for overflow boat trailer parking.


  • New Port Operations Depot – the depot is being relocated to the west side of the Harbour Entry Road adjacent to the Mothers Beach Car Park and upgraded. This includes the replacement of the golf club workshop.
  • New Public Toilet facility – including public toilets and change rooms, and a harbour user facility.
  • Fencing – new fencing will be provided around the new depot and the current slipway compound.


  • Extension of the Fishermen’s Co-operative building – plans are underway to enhance the lower level café and provision of a second level restaurant as detailed in the Development Plan.


  • New Promenade and Boardwalk – this new feature will be located where the current depot sits with the Promenade overhanging the frontage of the site. It will continue as an elevated 2.5m Boardwalk from the east side over the beach area to the boat ramp.

Apollo Bay Harbour Redevelopment - Remaining Project Elements

The complete range of proposed projects for the Apollo Bay Harbour Redevelopment, including aerial plans, can be viewed here. Whilst the $12 million will provide funds to deliver approximately 66% of the proposed Harbour redevelopment, a number of remaining projects within the Development Plan have been costed to enable fast tracking should further funds become available. These include:

  • South side of Nelson Street
  • Trafalgar Street South
  • Mothers Beach Boardwalk
  • New Commercial Tenancies on the Boardwalk Plaza
  • Retaining Wall behind proposed Commercial tenancies
  • Public Realm above proposed Commercial Tenancies, two staircases and ramp for beach access
  • Sailing Club Redevelopment
  • Ocean Rescue Boat Shed
  • New Public Toilets in Boat Trailer Car Park
  • New Marina Berths at East and North points of Harbour
  • CCTV Installation

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