Apollo Bay Harbour

Harbour Diagram from West view

Apollo Bay Harbour Redevelopment

What is happening at Apollo Bay Harbour?

Council, in partnership with the community and  State Government, are undertaking planning for the redevelopment and revitalisation of the Apollo Bay Harbour. 

The harbour is a valuable asset, however it requires substantial investment to enable it to continue to function as a working port.  A plan for the harbour precinct is necessary to provide greater certainty around the ultimate development potential of the precinct.  Adoption of a formal plan will also support measures to attain funding, both public and private, for a range of critical infrastructure and maintenance works. 

Under the Colac Otway Planning Scheme, the harbour and immediate surrounds are zoned Special Use Zone.  Under the provisions of the SUZ, significant redevelopment may not proceed until a Development Plan is approved.  Therefore, approval of the Development Plan will enable detailed redevelopment proposals to be prepared and lodged for approval.  

The draft Community Infrastructure Plan for Apollo Bay, Skenes Creek and Marengo (The CIP) is currently being prepared.  The CIP is a separate, but complementary process to the Apollo Bay Harbour Development Plan process.  The CIP addresses provision of key infrastructure items, some of which are related to the Apollo Bay Harbour, but which are located outside the precinct.  Further information about the CIP is available at the following link:

Community Infrastructure Plan - Apollo Bay - Skenes Creek - Marengo

Apollo Bay Harbour Development Plan

A key instrument to facilitate redevelopment of the harbour, is the Apollo Bay Harbour Development Plan.  As noted above, adoption of a formal plan is an essential part of the broader program of development and revitalisation of the harbour precinct.

The draft Development Plan preserves and enhances the status of the harbour as a working port, but also allows for expansion of the tourism and recreational function.  As well as redevelopment of the port depot and slipway, it comprises opportunities for expansion of the Co-op, and introduction of some additional limited retail tenancies.   Public access, amenities and carparking throughout the precinct is substantially improved. 

Harbour Development Plan - Low Resolution(PDF, 8MB)

Harbour Development Plan - High Resolution(PDF, 71MB)

Harbour Development Plan - Summary Document for website(PDF, 1MB)

Community Consultation has now closed.  The matter will come before the new Council at an upcoming Council meeting, date to be advised.