View Planning Applications on Exhibition

1. Planning Applications currently on Public Exhibition

You can contact a Planning Officer to discuss an application by phoning the Planning Department on 03 5232 9400.

The following copied documents are made available for the sole purpose of enabling its consideration and review as part of a planning process under the Planning and Environment Act 1987.  The document must not be used for any purpose which may breach any Copyright.

The expiry date relates to the closing date for public exhibition, however submissions will be accepted until a decision is made on the application. 

PP94/2019-1 - 9 Vista Avenue SKENES CREEK - Exhibition File(PDF, 10MB)

PP38/2019-1 - 2 Thomson Street APOLLO BAY - Exhibition File(PDF, 49MB)

PP181/2019-1 - 35 Lineens Road CORRUNNUN - Exhibition File(PDF, 9MB)

PP85/2019-1 - 10 Marriner Street COLAC EAST - Exhibition File(PDF, 14MB)  

PP98/2005-4 - 112-116 Bromfield Street COLAC - Exhibition File(PDF, 19MB)

PP126/2019-1 - 5 Ocean Terrace SKENES CREEK - Exhibition File(PDF, 8MB)

PP165/2019-1 - 2 Surf Ave SKENES CREEK - Exhibition File(PDF, 83MB)

PP11/2018-1 - 10 Old Ocean Road SEPARATION CREEK - revised LCA submitted 15/8/19(PDF, 2MB)

PP291/2018-1 - 79 Strachan Street BIRREGURRA - Exhibition File(PDF, 29MB)

PP105/2016-1 - 130-154 Sinclair Street South COLAC - Exhibition File(PDF, 33MB)

PP140/2019-1 - 95 Forest Street South ELLIMINYT - Exhibition File(PDF, 49MB)

PP266/2018-1 - 40 Alice Court APOLLO BAY - Exhibition File(PDF, 29MB)

PP314/2018-1 - 309-315 Murray Street COLAC - Exhibition File(PDF, 21MB)  

PP143/2019-1 - 7 Murrell Street BIRREGURRA - Exhibition File(PDF, 14MB)  

PP74/2019-1 - 214 Beech Forest-Lavers Hill Road BEECH FOREST - Exhibition File(PDF, 10MB)

PP16/2019-1 - 40 Hesse Street COLAC - Exhibition File(PDF, 27MB)

PP139/2019-1 - 40 Gardner Street BEECH FOREST - Exhibition File (PDF, 37MB)

PP184/2018-1 - 12-14 Station Street FORREST - Exhibition File(PDF, 4MB)  

PP283/2018-1 - 7 Marengo Crescent MARENGO - Exhibition File(PDF, 9MB)

PP119/2019-1 - 73 Corangamite Street COLAC - Exhibition File(PDF, 29MB)

PP272/2018-1 - 895 Corangamite Lake Road CORAGULAC - Exhibition File(PDF, 66MB)

PP115/2019-1 - 1505 Old Beech Forest Road BEECH FOREST - Exhibition File(PDF, 1MB)

PP127/2019-1 - 1 Bass Crescent SKENES CREEK - Exhibition File(PDF, 6MB)

PP5/2019-1 - 85 Bushbys Road BARONGAROOK - Exhibition File(PDF, 24MB)

PP83/2019-1 - 16 Church Street COLAC - Exhibition File(PDF, 40MB)

PP100/2019-1 - 220 Carlisle Gellibrand Road GELLIBRAND - Exhibition File(PDF, 86MB)

PP87/2019-1 - 9 Mitchell Grove SEPARATION CREEK - Exhibition File(PDF, 19MB)  

PP96/2019-1 - 90-94 Hearn Street COLAC - Exhibition File(PDF, 18MB)

PP67/2019-1 - 20 Great Ocean Road WYE RIVER - Exhibition File(PDF, 8MB)

PP100/2018-1 - 4 Dunoon Road WYE RIVER - Exhibition File(PDF, 29MB)  

PP269/2018-1 - 9 Dunoon Street WYE RIVER - Exhibition File
(PDF, 58MB)

2. Making an Objection

If you would like to make an objection relating to a planning permit application, you must do so in writing to the Planning Department.  You can use the below forms or simply write a letter or email  Please ensure you include the property address and reference number in your objection

Objection to a Planning Application(DOCX, 39KB)

Withdrawal of Objection to a Planning Application(DOCX, 37KB)  

3. Appealing a decision

If an applicant or resident is unhappy with a decision there may be an option to have the application reviewed by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).

4. Other proposals currently on public exhibition