Quarry Consultative Committees

Ondit Quarry

Key matters discussed at the Ondit Quarry Consultative Committee meeting held via video conference on 18 August 2020:

  • Monitoring reports relating to groundwater, dust and blasting were discussed. 
  • Whilst there have been some days over the past 6 months where dust levels have exceeded the benchmark level, this is attributed to causes unrelated to the quarry, including smoke from Victorian and NSW bushfires and dust from elsewhere. There have been no complaints related to dust caused by the quarry. 
  • A community representative indicated a land owner north-east of the site had stated he had reported to Earth Resources that he had felt blasts that occurred on specific dates between April to August and that damage had been caused to the plaster in his house. Earth Resources were unaware of any complaints received, but agreed to follow up with that land owner.  It was explained by Council that a similar complaint had been made in the late 2000s, but at that time, plaster damage in the house was not considered to have caused by the quarry operations. It was agreed that the blast monitoring results were well under the maximum levels permitted on the dates identified. 
  • Holcim indicated they were still in the process of preparing a final Work Plan to submit to Earth Resources as a prelude to lodgement of a planning permit application for extension of the extraction area to the north and north-east of the existing quarry (within the same site).  It is intended to lodge the permit application with Council by November, and to hold an on-line information session beforehand with interested residents. 
  • It was noted that a planning application is currently being advertised for relocation of a house on the property north of the quarry, to be further north within the property.  That property had been purchased by Holcim, and leased to the former owner. The house is being moved to be further away from the quarry, to facilitate a larger separation distance to future blasting activities at the quarry.


Mooleric Road Quarry

Key matters discussed at the Mooleric Road Consultative Committee meeting held via video conference on 21 October 2020

  • The quarry operator confirmed that monthly water monitoring results are being provided to WMIS as required by the Groundwater Management Plan but WMIS is reluctant to publish them publicly.  Council will work with the operator to resolve this issue.
  • It was noted that the permit requires an annual report on groundwater monitoring to be prepared and discussed at Consultative Committee meetings.  The first report is due in 2021.
  • Duncan Barber has advised Council that he no longer will be a community representative on the Committee, prompting the need for a new process of seeking community nominations. Council will commence this process after the local government elections. It was discussed that back-up nominees would be sought to enable future vacancies to be filled without the need for a new process each time.
  • The quarry operator advised that quarry operations have commenced and the site is fully developed and trees planting complete.
  • There was discussion over expected truck volumes on Mooleric Road. It was noted that recent truck numbers had been low due to wet weather that has reduced demand for materials, but expect this to increase as the weather improves. 
  • The operator noted that whilst trucks visiting the quarry appeared to be following the 40 kph speed limit imposed on them, a high number of other trucks are travelling along Mooleric Road to areas north of the quarry at much faster speeds (not being obligated by the same speed restriction as quarry related traffic). 
  • It was confirmed there had been no complaints received and recorded in the on-site register in the period since the last meeting.
  • Next meeting is scheduled to be held on 23 March 2021


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