Step 1 - Planning Controls & Reports


A streamlined approach to planning permits has been developed for areas of Wye River and Separation Creek affected by the Christmas 2015 bushfire.

This approach includes simplified planning controls and a more collaborative approach to approvals across the planning, building, health and engineering teams within Council. 

Streamlined planning controls

New dwellings in Wye River and Separation Creek require a planning permit under the normal planning scheme provisions. For the areas impacted by the Christmas 2015 bushfire, the State Government prepared locally specific planning controls at the request of Council. These specific controls aim to simplify the planning process for fire affected residents and allow them to rebuild as soon as possible.

Select the following to access the controls:

 Incorporated Document - Wye River and Separation Creek - C93 - Gazetted October 2016(PDF, 2MB)

If your dwelling was destroyed in Wye River or Separation Creek on 25 December 2015 you will require a planning permit to rebuild it under these new planning controls.

Any person proposing changes to houses that survived the fires or development on vacant land within the fire affected area will also require a planning permit under the new controls.

An application for a planning permit will need to consider a range of characteristics specifically affecting the Wye River and Separation Creek settlements as detailed under Application requirements.

Background reports 

To support the rebuilding process, the State Government has commissioned a number of technical studies to assist you to understand the possible design constraints and risks associated with building in Wye River and Separation Creek.

The studies include:

Bushfire Attack Levels

Bushfire Risk Assessment(PDF, 23MB)

Geotechnical, Land Capability and Wastewater Solutions

Main Report Part 1(PDF, 6MB)

Main Report Part 2(PDF, 6MB)

Geotechnical Assessment(PDF, 5MB)

Land Capability Assessment(PDF, 9MB)

If you plan to build, the findings of these studies will help you determine the appropriate design and building requirements for your site. This will ensure that new dwellings are more resilient to bushfires, minimise potential landslip hazards and positively contribute to the unique coastal character of the area.

It is important to be aware that whilst the studies commissioned by the State contain a degree of site specific information for geotechnical, waste water management or land capability, they do not provide all of the technical information required to support a planning permit application. You will also need to undertake your own site specific assessments which respond to your proposed design as part of your planning permit application.