Council’s first Gender Equality Action Plan approved by Commission

Published on 28 June 2022

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Council is pleased to announce that it’s first Gender Equality Action Plan (GEAP) has been approved with no changes by the Gender Equality Commission, a boost for sustainable, systemic and behavioural change for gender equality across the organisation.

“I’m proud that this important document has been developed to lead us towards a stronger and fairer workplace, and in turn contribute to a stronger and fairer community,” said Chief Executive Officer Anne Howard.

“Not only will our work in this area help to improve staff wellbeing and engagement, as well as attract more diversity and innovation of thought, it’s also expected the actions in this plan will improve issues that predominately affect women,” said Ms Howard, “such as sexual harassment and family violence.”

The GEAP is underpinned by the Gender Equality Act 2020 (the Act), which strives to improve workplace gender equality in the Victorian public sector, universities and local councils.

Initiatives such as continuing our support of flexible workplace practises, ensuring recruitment practises are equal and fair, as well as fostering a culture where diversity is valued are some of the cornerstones of Council’s first GEAP.

“Within our Council, across both our elected representatives and our employees, we have fantastic role models across many traditionally male dominated positions – from office-based engineers to truck drivers,” said Ms Howard. “We are also fortunate to have awesome role-models across traditionally female-dominated positions, such as men working in our Customer Assist and Community Care teams. This Plan has actions that will turn more ‘role models’ into ‘role-normals’.”

The GEAP will guide our goal of making everyone able to access the same opportunities, resources and rewards, regardless of gender and will be assessed and updated in four years.

Council’s Gender Equality Action Plan can be viewed on our website under Strategies and Plans / Health & Wellbeing Plans,  



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