Kerbside Collection Fees & Charges

New kerbside collection 2021-2022

$308.00 per annum for weekly collections
$235.00 per annum for fortnightly collection (Gellibrand, Kawarren & Grey River areas only)
Bins included in this price are:

  • 1x 120lt garbage (red lidded) wheelie bin
  • 1x 240lt recycling (yellow lidded) wheelie bin
  • 1x 120lt glass recycling (purple lidded) wheelie bin - pick-up commencing November 2021.
  • 1x 240lt organics (green lidded) wheelie bin
Additional bins
240lt recycling bin      $90.00 per annum
240lt organics bin      $112.00 per annum
240lt garbage bin      $322.00 per annum
 120L glass bin      $52.00 per annum


Upgrade the size of your bin
240lt garbage bin   $135.00 per annum
Downsize the size of your bin
120lt organics bin       no cost
120lt recycling bin       no cost

 Please note:

 *A bin change over fee of $32.00 or $80.00 bin plus delivery fee may apply with some requests

All additional and upgraded bins charges are invoiced once a year.

Lost/stolen bin fee $60.00 per bin