Frequently Requested Forms

Animals Business

New Animal Registration(PDF, 311KB)

Animal Surrender Form(PDF, 135KB)

Cat Cage Hire Agreement(PDF, 56KB)

Change of Animal Ownership(PDF, 359KB)

Domestic Animal Business Application(PDF, 33KB)

Excess Animal Permit(PDF, 48KB)

Excess Animal Permit - Other(PDF, 51KB)

Livestock Droving Application(PDF, 149KB)

Livestock Grazing Application(PDF, 245KB)

Livestock Grazing in Drought Conditions(PDF, 204KB)

Livestock Movement Application(PDF, 153KB)

Food Act Premise Application(DOCX, 43KB) 

Health Protection Request for Inspection(PDF, 61KB)

PCBA (Public Health and Wellbeing Act Premise) Application(DOCX, 41KB)

Sale of Goods, Street Stalls, Distribution and Collection(PDF, 155KB)

Street Furniture Application(PDF, 145KB)

Cars and Parking Events

Accessible Parking Permit

Johnstones Carpark Permit(PDF, 231KB)

Traffic Managment Plan (MoA)(XLS, 142KB)

Work Zone Parking Application(PDF, 114KB)

Application for Use of Council Sports Grounds Facilities(PDF, 300KB)

Application for Busking(PDF, 124KB)

Busking Indemnity Form(PDF, 226KB)

Colac Otway Shre Bushfire Plan(PDF, 1MB)

Consumption of Liquor in Public Place Application(PDF, 208KB)

Event Application Form(PDF, 207KB)

Event Indemnity Form(PDF, 90KB)

Events in a Public Place(PDF, 143KB)

PoPE Temporary Structure Application(PDF, 100KB)

Spruiking Application(PDF, 147KB)

Street Party or Activity Application(PDF, 210KB)

Traffic Managment Plan (MoA)(XLS, 142KB)

Wedding Application(PDF, 488KB)

Planning, Building and Roads

BAL Bushfire Attack Level Assessment (PDF, 775KB)

Building Permit Application(PDF, 147KB)

Amended Building Permit Application(PDF, 66KB)

Certificate of Compliance Application(PDF, 159KB)

Change of Proposal(PDF, 11KB)

Cost of Works Breakdown for Owner Builders(PDF, 63KB)

Demolition Consent (Sec29A)(PDF, 67KB)

Extension of Time Application(PDF, 95KB)

Occupancy Permit Application(PDF, 225KB)

Planning Permit Application Form (inc VicSmart)(PDF, 943KB)

Planting Vegetation on Council Land(PDF, 87KB)

Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 - Consent Request (Fencing)(PDF, 284KB)

Property Information Request(PDF, 73KB)

Protection Works Notice(PDF, 74KB)

Protection Works Response(PDF, 62KB)

Public Protection (Hoarding)(PDF, 246KB)

Object to a Planning Application(PDF, 203KB)

Register a Swimming Pool or Spa(PDF, 191KB)

Report and Consent Application(PDF, 460KB)

Search and Copy Building Permits and Endorsed Plans(PDF, 121KB)

Secondary Consent(PDF, 124KB)

Section 173 Agreement - Amend or Extend(PDF, 32KB)

Withdrawal of Objection to a Planning Permit(PDF, 101KB)

Written Consent Application(PDF, 417KB)

Works Within a Road Reserve(PDF, 147KB)


 Port of Apollo Bay  Recreation and Tourism

Application for Slipping and Launching(PDF, 150KB)

Casual Berth/Mooring Permit(PDF, 339KB)

Incident Report Form(PDF, 14KB)

Long Term Berth/Mooring Permit(PDF, 167KB)

Renewal for Long Term Berth/Mooring

SEMP Induction Acknowledgement Form(PDF, 109KB)

Temporary Renaming of Sports Ground Application(DOCX, 75KB)

Temporary Renaming of Sports Ground Acquittal(DOCX, 68KB)

Tourist Accommodation Signing Application (VicRoads)(PDF, 128KB)

Tourist Attraction Signing Application (VicRoads)(PDF, 115KB)

Tourist Services Signs Application (VicRoads)(PDF, 70KB)

 Rates and Finance

Application for Rates Payment Arrangement 

Assistance due to COVID19 

Credit Card Payment(PDF, 185KB)

Direct Debit Application(PDF, 169KB)

Direct Debit Application (Variation Rates)(PDF, 235KB)

FSPL Single Farm Enterprise Application(PDF, 551KB)

Land Information Request(PDF, 126KB)

Municipal Rates Concession Application

Retrospective Pension Rebate Form(PDF, 134KB)

Valuation Objection Form (Residential)

Valuation Objection Form (Rural/Farm)

Valuation Objection Form (Commercial)

Valuation Objection Form (AVPC)

Water, Waste and Recycling

Bulk Bin on Council Land(PDF, 215KB)

Emergency Water Supply Standpipe Key Request(PDF, 100KB)

Install a Septic Tank System(PDF, 560KB)

Request to Replace Lost or Stolen Bin(DOCX, 22KB)

Request New Kerbside Collection Service(DOCX, 21KB)

Stormwater Legal Point of Discharge(PDF, 225KB)  

Request for an Additional 240ltr Garbage Bin(DOCX, 19KB)

Request to Upgrade 240ltr Garbage Bin (Commercial)(DOCX, 18KB)

Request to Upgrade to 240ltr Garbage Bin (Residential)(DOCX, 17KB)

Request for an Additional Organic Bin(DOCX, 19KB)

Request to Use a 120ltr Organics Bin(DOCX, 16KB)

Request for an Additiona Recycle Bin(DOCX, 16KB)

Request to Upgrade to 360ltr Recycle Bin(DOCX, 17KB)

Request for an Additional 360ltr Recycle Bin(DOCX, 16KB)

Request to Use a 120ltr Recycle Bin(DOCX, 17KB)


Appeal an Infringement(PDF, 181KB)

Change of Address

Change of Name(PDF, 212KB)

Filming Permit(PDF, 256KB)

Freedom of Information Application(PDF, 300KB)

Immunisation Record Application (Under-16)(PDF, 285KB)

Immunisation Record Application (Over-16)(PDF, 285KB)

Permit to Burn (Outside of Fire Danger Period)(DOCX, 17KB)

Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 - Consent Request (Other)(PDF, 311KB)

Revegetation Support Program EOI(PDF, 495KB)