Lake Colac

Update on Enterococci levels at Lake Colac as at 22 January, 2019.

The last sample conducted at the beach area at Lake Colac indicated the area is still unsuitable for swimming with Enterococci levels above 2400cfu/100ml.

Council has a public health responsibility when it comes to providing advice to members of the public on the suitability of Lake Colac for swimming/recreational activity and as such has undertaken proactive sampling at the lake.

The responsibility for managing the water quality of Lake Colac falls to a number of agencies and organisations such as DELWP, Department of Economic Development Jobs Transport and Resources, CCMA, EPA, Barwon Water and Colac Otway Shire Council.

Council is developing a management and response plan with respect to water quality of the lake and its use for recreational purposes; Council will meet with other agencies and stakeholders to determine an appropriate response. 

Council is conducting weekly tests at the Lake Colac beach area, the boat ramp at Meredith Park, Barongarook Creek and the Stormwater outfall at Armstrong Street, Colac.

As yet, no specific point source/polluter has been identified; a preliminary investigation has indicated a number of possible sources for poor water quality in Lake Colac at a general level.