About The Community & Business Directory

Football training, Colac Botanic Gardens

About the Community and Business Directory

The Directory provides information about community organisations, groups, clubs, services, associations and facilities, and businesses based in the Colac Otway Shire. You can search for a specific listing or browse categories to find relevant organisations and services in your neighbourhood.

Who can list in the directory?

Community organisations, groups, clubs, services, associations and facilities based in the Colac Otway Shire are welcome to submit a listing. The Community Directory does not include commercial business listings, except those which provide a cultural or community service, such as arts businesses, childcare facilities, eco-businesses, education, health and aged care services. The registered user should consider the most appropriate directory to list under – Business Directory or Community Directory.  View the Community Directory disclaimer for more detail.

Currency of information

Every effort has been taken by both the Colac Otway Shire and the listing owners to ensure information contained in the directory is accurate and up to date, however as community information changes regularly, we rely on and appreciate your advice of any changes.

If you see a listing with incorrect information, please contact the Economic Development and Tourism unit by email: ecodev@colacotway.vic.gov.au

Finding information

There are a number of ways to search for a community organisation or service:

  1. Type a name or keyword in the ‘what’ field and specify a location. For example: primary schools in Colac.
  2. Look for anything in a specific town. For example: all services in Apollo Bay.
  3. Browse the categories and search a keyword relating to a specific category. For example: category: education and keyword: primary schools.
  4. Search for a service targeting a specific user group. For example: services for families.