Rural Access

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What is RuralAccess?

RuralAccess supports communities to develop ways of including people with a disability in local community life. It is part of the Disability Services Community Building Program, funded by the Department of Human Services. 

RuralAccess is a partnership between local communities and the Department of Human Services. There are workers based in 25 local councils and community organisations across regional and rural Victoria.

RuralAccess objectives
  • To mobilise and support people with a disability to participate in the life of their local community
  • To strengthen the community’s capacity to support people with a disability and their families
  • To facilitate integrated local community planning and coordination which involves people with a disability and their families, disability service providers and community organisations
  • To work with existing disability support providers to enhance their capacity to provide relevant and appropriate supports in the community
  • To improve access to information about relevant services and community activities available to people with a disability in their communities
Working with RuralAccess

RuralAccess invites people and organisations to work together to build inclusive communities by:

  • Ensuring that the needs of people with a disability are the focus of community planning
  • Supporting service providers to assist people with a disability to live the sort of life they choose
  • Improving community understanding about the needs and aspirations of people with a disability
  • Developing easy ways for people to access the information they need about services, community activities and issues

Focus areas can include:

  • Education and employment
  • Transport
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Accommodation and housing
  • Access to the built environment
  • Sport and recreation
  • Arts, culture and festivals
  • Advocacy
  • Cultural and linguistic diversity
  • Children and youth
  • Information and communication
  • Tourism
  • Civic participation and leadership
How do I find out more?

In each regional Department of Health and Human Services office there are Community Building project officers who support and resource the RuralAccess program in their region. These workers can assist you with enquiries and provide a detailed list of the RuralAccess workers in each region.

For further information contact Council's Rural Access officer on 5232 9424 or email