Community Infrastructure Plan - Apollo Bay - Skenes Creek - Marengo

  • Project typeCommunity Infrastructure and Master Planning
  • Completion Date31 July 2020

Community Infrastructure Plan

About the Project

Colac Otway Shire and the Otway Coast Committee are inviting you to participate in a community infrastructure and master planning process for Apollo Bay, Skenes Creek and Marengo.

Key aspects of the project will include:

  • A Community and Civil Infrastructure Plan – plans for Apollo Bay, Skenes Creek and Marengo focusing on the public realm and community and civil infrastructure.

  • Apollo Bay, Skenes Creek and Marengo District Plan - which identifies:

  •  Key activity centres and destinations (including the harbour, foreshore and commercial hub and others as identified through this project)
  • Linkages between towns and between activity centres and destinations, including options for types of travel (e.g. walking, cycling, driving)
  • Design Guidelines for public infrastructure, with a materials and planting palette covering things such as signage, street furniture and landscaping
  • Detailed Master Plans - for activity centres identified


Project Process

 CIP Stage Diagram.JPG

Current Project Update

Phase One of community and stakeholder engagement is now complete and we would like to thank everyone who participated.

Stakeholder workshops were held on 24 June 2019 with 30 stakeholders attending, including representatives from a wide range of agencies, Council officers and members of the Apollo Bay Harbour Precinct Project Control Group.  This was followed up with a business breakfast and community open house session on Friday 19 July 2019 which attracted approximately 90 people across the day.  An online survey also saw a high level of participation from the community.  A Consultation Summary is available to download here(PDF, 3MB).

Tract Consultants are using the comments and feedback received through this first stage of engagement as an input to the preparation of an Issues and Opportunities Paper.  Background work has also been commissioned bringing together information on:

  • Coastal processes and hazards
  • Flora and Fauna Study for the Harbour
  • Cultural Heritage Assessment for the Harbour
  • Survey work for the Harbour
  • Servicing Infrastructure audit
  • Community Assets audit

These studies, along with numerous other previous reports, will also provide input to the Issues and Opportunities Paper.

Please view a copy of the Issues and Opportunities Paper here Community-Infrastructure-Plan-Issues-and-Opportunities-Report-November-2019.pdf(PDF, 12MB)

Invitation – Stage 2 Emerging Ideas

For the next stage of the project, Tract Consultants have prepared a number of preliminary and emerging design ideas that we would like to test with you; the community and stakeholders, prior to the preparation of more detailed draft plans.

CIP How to Get Involved.JPG

Please review preliminary plans and emerging ideas that are a part of Stage 2 of the project below:

Community-Infrastructure-Plan-0-Background.pdf(PDF, 343KB)

Community-Infrastructure-Plan-1-Guiding-Principles.pdf(PDF, 1MB)

Community-Infrastructure-Plan-2-Recreation-Trails.pdf(PDF, 379KB)

Community-Infrastructure-Plan-3-Township-Connections.pdf(PDF, 815KB)

Community-Infrastructure-Plan-4-Recreation-Reserve.pdf(PDF, 761KB)

Community-Infrastructure-Plan-5-Apollo-Bay-Foreshore.pdf(PDF, 1MB)

Community-Infrastructure-Plan-6-Apollo-Bay-Harbour.pdf(PDF, 2MB)

Community-Infrastructure-Plan-7-Collingwood-Street-Great-Ocean-Road.pdf(PDF, 1MB)

Community-Infrastructure-Plan-8-Pascoe-Street.pdf(PDF, 1015KB)

Community-Infrastructure-Plan-9-Nelson-St-Intersection.pdf(PDF, 964KB)

Community-Infrastructure-Plan-10-Skenes-Creek-Foreshore.pdf(PDF, 1MB)

Community-Infrastructure-Plan-11-Marengo-Foreshore.pdf(PDF, 1MB)

After reviewing the emerging ideas, please complete the Apollo Bay, Skenes Creek and Marengo Community Infrastructure Plan survey