Kennett River Tourism Infrastructure Improvements

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Community update - November 2021

Design information and updates

On this page you will find information and updates about the Kennett River Tourism Infrastructure Improvements project. This project includes road and parking improvements and a new public toilet in Kennett River, as well as designs for a proposed wastewater treatment plant. 

This project is being delivered as part of the Geelong City Deal, a collaborative project to transform Geelong and the Great Ocean Road by the Australian, Victorian, local government and DELWP. The Geelong City Deal has provided $1.9M in funding from the Australian Government towards the infrastructure improvements in Kennett River. 

Improvements made through implementation of the Geelong City Deal will enhance the visitor experience by better coordinating pedestrian and vehicle movement and increasing safety for visitors and local residents. A new well-located public amenity block will allow easy access for visitors and will manage wastewater in this environmentally sensitive area.

Following extensive community consultation, the Colac Otway Shire City Deal Project Team and design consultants are pleased to present the following visual representations of the project, along with other project updates.

Road and parking improvements, and new public toilet

Designs for civil works to improve parking, pedestrian and vehicle access in the local road network of Kennett River are now available portraying life-like visual representations of this project. Images are pictorial representations only and may not fully represent detailed outcomes. Design consultants, SMEC, are undertaking the detailed design for the civil works. The areas shown include the entry to town, along the Service Road, a view of the proposed waste water treatment plant and the space in front of the Cafe.

The designs are to improve traffic flow and parking to create safer intersections and movements for vehicles and pedestrians. Importantly, large buses and coaches will be restricted from entering the local road network which will be supported by linemarking and signage.

A new public toilet facility has also been designed for Kennett River to support tourism along the Great Ocean Road. A new well located toilet is required for easy access by visitors and is compatible with the carpark capacity to accommodate the predicted number of tourists.

Once constructed, the civil works upgrades and new public toilet facility are designed to improve safety and the visitor experience in Kennett River. Construction for road and parking improvements are expected to commence in 2022.

 Designs for the civil works align with earlier concept plans developed in conjunction with the community to include outcomes from community consultation for the project in April 2021. Refer to the main project website for a report on key findings(PDF, 2MB) from community engagement in April 2021. 

A proposed waste water treatment plant

The new public toilet requires a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP). 

The current design is for a Wisconsin Mound as per the attached information. 

However, the City Deal team are currently exploring the feasibility of upgrading the Kennett River Family Caravan Park treatment plant as an option, together with DELWP (Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning).

 Read Fact Sheet and View Designs

Road and Parking Improvements (Civil Works) and New Public Toilet

Proposed Wastewater Treatment Plant designs

Designs are being informed by Environmental and Heritage studies, together with planning processes, and consent process under the Marine and Coastal Act.   

More Information and Next Steps

If you have questions about this project update, you can contact us via email, or call (03) 5232 9400 to discuss the project or request hard copies of the materials.

Next Steps

The City Deal design consultants are completing detailed design which sets out the specifications for construction. Detailed design requires completion of the following studies; road safety audits, cultural heritage studies, geotechnical and geomorphology assessments, and estimates of probable construction cost. Further project updates will be provided as these studies progress.

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