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1. Planning Applications currently on Public Exhibition

You can contact a Planning Officer to discuss an application by phoning the Planning Department on 03 5232 9400.

The following copied documents are made available for the sole purpose of enabling its consideration and review as part of a planning process under the Planning and Environment Act 1987.  The document must not be used for any purpose which may breach any Copyright.

The expiry date relates to the closing date for public exhibition, however submissions will be accepted until a decision is made on the application.

PP231/2017-1 - 23 Karingal Drive WYE RIVER - Exhibition File(PDF, 13MB)  

PP240/2017-1 - 140 Belverdere Drive ELLIMINYT - Exhibition File(PDF, 27MB) - expires 8 December 2017

PP237/2017-1 - 33 Grant Street FORREST - Exhibition File -(PDF, 4MB) expires 29 November 2017

PP86/2017-1 - 15 Nelson Street APOLLO BAY - Exhibition File(PDF, 26MB)  

PP139/2017-1 - 13 Pascoe Street APOLLO BAY - Exhibition File(PDF, 4MB)

PP219/2017-1 - 900 Wild Dog Road APOLLO BAY - Exhibition file(PDF, 11MB) - expires 20 November 2017

Notice of Decision - Ending of Section 173 Agreement - 30 Pascoe Street APOLLO BAY - Exhibition File(PDF, 3MB) - expires 16 November 2017

PP255/2017-1 - 10 Dunoon Road WYE RIVER - Exhibition File(PDF, 11MB) - expires 20 November 2017

PP226/2017-1 - 14 Dunoon Road Wye River - Exhibition File(PDF, 34MB)  

PP176/2017-1- 10 Durimbil Avenue WYE RIVER - Exhibition file(PDF, 32MB)

PP143/2017-1 - 3225 Great Ocean Road GLENAIRE - Exhibition file(PDF, 7MB) - expires 1 November 2017

PP174/2017-1 - 4570 Princes Highway BIRREGURRA - Exhibition File(PDF, 14MB)

PP221/2017-1 -125 Mahers Road BARWON DOWNS - Exhibition File(PDF, 8MB)

PP13/2017-1 -18 Borwick Street COLAC - Exhibition File(PDF, 8MB)

PP203/2017-1 - 94 Hart Street COLAC - Exhibition File(PDF, 7MB)

PP217/2017-1 - 2/57-63 Great Ocean Road APOLLO BAY - Exhibition File(PDF, 5MB) - expires 19 October 2017

PP145/2017-1 - 155 Evans Track Johanna - Exhibition File(PDF, 5MB) - expires 20 October 2017

PP85/2017-1 - 19-21 Great Ocean Road WYE RIVER - Exhibition File(PDF, 15MB) - expires 26 October 2017

PP181/2017-1 - 3 Jennings Street COLAC - Exhibition file(PDF, 3MB) - expires 23 October 2017

PP206/2017-1 - 9 Durimbil Avenue WYE RIVER - Exhibition File(PDF, 6MB) - expires 16 October 2017

PP93/2016-1-73-Main-Street-BEEAC - Exhibition file(PDF, 11MB) 

PP178/2017-1-36-Old-Coach-Road-SKENES-CREEK - Exhibition-File(PDF, 13MB) 

PP169/2017-1 275 Barham River Road Apollo Bay - Exhibition File - expires 24 October 2017

PP205/2017-1 - 46 Lawes Street ELLIMINYT - Exhibition File(PDF, 7MB) - expires 6 October 2017

PP327/2016-1 - 5085 Colac Lavers Hill Road LAVERS HILL - Exhibition file(PDF, 35MB) - expires 20 October 2017

PP140/2017-1 - 90 Old Coach Road SKENES CREEK - Exhibition File(PDF, 22MB) - expires 10 October 2017

PP161/2017-1 - 9 Point Avenue SKENES CREEK - Exhibition File(PDF, 16MB) - expires 11 October 2017

PP199/2017-1-3-Durimbil-Avenue-WYE-RIVER-Exhibition-file(PDF, 61MB) - expires 28  September 2017

PP185/2017-1 - 31-33 Murray Street COLAC - Exhibition File(PDF, 23MB) - expires 27 September 2017

Written Consent - 10D Gambier Street APOLLO BAY - Exhibition File(PDF, 13MB) - expires 8 September 2017

PP158/2017-1 - 39 Morley Avenue WYE RIVER - Exhibition File(PDF, 20MB) - expires 10 September 2017

PP162/2017-1 - 9 Koonya Avenue WYE RIVER - Exhibition file(PDF, 25MB) - expires 9 August 2017

PP156/2017-1 - 36 Riverside Drive WYE RIVER - Exhibition file(PDF, 14MB) - expires 3 August 2017

PP147 2017-1 - 39-41 Karingal Drive WYE RIVER - Exhibition file(PDF, 31MB) - expires 3 August 2017

PP154/2017-1 - 7 Dunoon Road WYE RIVER - Exhibition File(PDF, 53MB) - expires 26 July 2017

PP134/2017-1 - 16 Dunoon Road WYE RIVER Exhibition file(PDF, 9MB) - expires 18 July 2017

PP65/2017-1 - 4 Durimbil Avenue WYE RIVER - Exhibition file(PDF, 13MB) - expires 18 June 2017

PP61/2017-1 31 Riverside Drive Wye River Exhibition File(PDF, 44MB) - expires 5 May 2017

PP175/2016-1 - 1390 Gellibrand River Road CHAPPLE VALE - Exhibition File(PDF, 21MB) - expires 6 April 2017

PP43/2017-1 - 19 Iluka Avenue WYE RIVER - Public notice - exhibition file(PDF, 60MB) - expires 18 March 2017

PP107/2016-1 - 109-113 Armstrong Street COLAC Public notice - Exhibition Documentation(PDF, 21MB) - expires 8 March 2017

PP306/2016-1 - 45 Marriners Lookout Road Apollo Bay - Exhibition File(PDF, 28MB)  - expires 3 March 2017

PP142/2016-1 - 329, 329A, 331 & 333 Princes Highway COLAC WEST - Exhibition File(PDF, 42MB) - expires 20 October 2016  

2. Making a Submission

If you would like to make a submission relating to a planning permit application, you must do so in writing to the Planning Department.  You can use the below forms or simply write a letter or email  Please ensure you include the property address and reference number in your submission

Objection to Granting of a Planning Permit(PDF, 39KB)

Withdrawal of Objection to Granting a Planning Permit(PDF, 9KB)

3. Appealing a decision

If an applicant or resident is unahppy with a decsicion there may be an option to have the application reviewed by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).


4. Other proposals currently on public exhibition

Amended Development Plan (DPO5) – 6230 and 6280 Great Ocean Road, Apollo Bay

Council at its Planning Committee meeting on 19 September 2016 deferred a decision regarding the submission of a Development Plan for the above land, prepared under the provisions of Schedule 5 to the Development Plan Overlay (DPO5) in the Colac Otway Planning Scheme. The applicant subsequently lodged an appeal to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) against the failure of Council to make a decision on that Development Plan within a reasonable timeframe.

Council at its Planning Committee meeting on 14 December 2016 again considered the DP05 and resolved not to support the application.

Although Council has now refused to support the application, the VCAT process must still continue. The initial stages of the VCAT proceedings have commenced, with a Compulsory Conference held on 19 January 2017 at which an amended Development Plan was substituted by the applicant. A copy of the amended plan can be viewed below.

That plan was subsequently amended further on 14 February 2017.  This can be viewed below under the heading - Amended Plan 14/02/2017

Council recognises the significance of this site being the major entrance to Apollo Bay and is committed to ongoing community engagement and input to the planning process. Council therefore is inviting submissions from the community regarding the amended Development Plan, to help inform the decision to be made by Council at its 8 March 2017 Planning Committee meeting. It should be noted that, as there is no statutory process for undertaking public notification on Development Plans, there are also no third party appeal rights (such as going to VCAT) for submitters.

The consideration of the Development Plan at the 8 March Planning Committee meeting will provide the applicant with Council’s position regarding the revised Development Plan,  allowing the applicant to make an informed decision about whether to continue with the VCAT Hearing at an Administrative Mention on 16 March 2017. The full Hearing is scheduled for three days commencing on 26 April 2017.

The amended Development Plan provided to Council at the VCAT Compulsory Conference, as subsequently further amended on 14 February 2017, can be viewed below or in person at:

  • Apollo Bay Service Centre: 69 Nelson St, Apollo Bay VIC 3233  
  • 101-105 Gellibrand Street, Colac 3250 

Should you wish to lodge a submission to the amended Development Plan, we would request that you do this by 5.00pm on 20 February 2017, to ensure that any comments can be considered in assessing the revised Development Plan and drafting the Planning Committee report. Submissions should include reference being a ‘Submission on Development Plan (DPO5) – 6230 and 6280 Great Ocean Road, Apollo Bay’ and can be made in writing in either of the following ways:

Amended Development Plan Submitted at VCAT Compulsory Conference

Overall Development Plan V14 06/12/2016(PDF, 1MB)

Amended Plan - 14/02/2017

Amended Development Plan - Overall Development Plan - 14/02/2017(PDF, 586KB)