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Building Department  Printer Friendly

All applications for building approvals can be found below. If you have any queries regarding your application, please contact the Building Department on 03 5232 9400

Planning and Building
  Credit Card Payment Form

Building Permits
Applications for a Building Permit, amending your plans or extending the construction time limit
  Building Permit Application Form
  Application for Amendment or Extension of Time

Occupancy Permit
Application and checklists for the issuance of Occupancy Permits

An Occupancy Permit is issued for new dwellings and new, extended or altered commercial buildings
  Application for Occupancy Permit
  Occupancy Permit Checklist

Property Information Request
Apply for information on what Building permits have been issued & approved and any Building enforcement carried out in the past ten years, or property information for construction purposes such as flooding and location of stormwater discharge
  Property Information Request

Report & Consent Applications
Requesting a siting variation or consent for demolition of a building.

- Please refer to the relevant appendix to obtain the Decision Guidelines for the relevant regulation

- Demolition also requires a Building Permit to be obtained prior to works commencing
  Report & Consent Application
  Request for Demolition Consent (Form 29A)

Report & Consent Appendix
  Apdx 1 - Reg 408 - Maximum Street Setback
  Apdx 2 - Reg 409 - Minimum Street Setback
  Apdx 3 - Reg 414 - Side and Rear Setbacks
  Apdx 4 - Reg 410 - Building Height
  Apdx 5 - Reg 415 - Wall on Boundary
  Apdx 6 - Reg 416 - Daylight to Existing Habitable Room Windows
  Apdx 7 - Reg 417 - Solar Access to North Facing Windows
  Apdx 8 - Reg 418 - Overshadowing of Private Open Space
  Apdx 9 - Reg 419 - Overlooking
  Apdx 10 - Reg 420 - Daylight to Proposed Habitable Room Windows
  Apdx 11 - Reg 421 - Private Open Space
  Apdx 12 - Reg 411 - Site Coverage
  Apdx 13 - Reg 412 - Permeability
  Apdx 14 - Reg 413 - Car Parking
  Apdx 15 - Reg 424 - Front Fence Height
  Apdx 16 - Reg 425 - Fence Setback from Side or Rear Boundary
  Apdx 17 - Reg 426 - Fence on or within 150mm of Side or Rear Boundary
  Apdx 18 - Reg 427 - Fence on Street Alignment
  Apdx 19 - Reg 428 - Fences and Daylight to Existing Habitable Room Windows
  Apdx 20 - Reg 429 - Fences and Solar Access to Existing North Facing Habitable Room Windows
  Apdx 21 - Reg 430 - Fences and Overshadowing of Open Space
  Apdx 22 - Reg 310 - Building Over Easements
  Apdx 23 - Reg 422 - Siting of Class 10a Building on Vacant Land
  Apdx 24 - Reg 431 - Masts, Poles, Etc
  Apdx 25 - Reg 513 - Projections Beyond Street Boundary
  Apdx 26 - Reg 802 - Flood Areas
  Apdx 27 - Reg 806 - Building on Designated Land or Works

Place of Public Entertainment (PoPE) / Temporary Structure Application
Application for a Place of Public Entertainment (PoPE) or Temporary Structure for an Event
  PoPE / Temporary Structure Application
  Safety Officer Qualification Course

Request for Building Permit/Plans
To request copies of Building Permits or plans
  Building Permit/Plan Search Application

External Forms/Applications
The following forms and applications are provided for your use
  Owner Builder Certifcate of Consent Application
  Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Assessment
  Keeping Our Stormwater Clean - A Builder's Guide

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