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2 Communication/Information
  2.4 Confidential Information Policy
  2.5 Community Engagement Policy
  2.6 Customer Service Policy
  2.7 Social Media Policy

3 Contracts and Tendering
  3.2 Procurement Policy

4 Council Property
  4.2 Council Property Leasing Policy
  4.3 Sale of Council Land Policy

5 Transport
6 Grants/Donations/Sponsorship/Funding
  6.1 Landscaping Sponsorship
  6.2 Funding Advances to Community Organisations
  6.3 Donations Miscellaneous Policy
  6.4 Council Support to Neighbourhood Houses

7 Human Resources
  7.3 Risk Management Policy
  7.4 Equal Employment Opportunity

8 Tourism/Economic Development
  8.5 Investment Attraction
  8.6 Tourism Directional Signage

9 Colac Livestock Selling Centre
  9.1 Off-loading of Livestock at Colac Livestock Selling Centre
  9.2 Colac Regional Saleyards Conditions of Entry and Use Policy

10 Public Health
  10.1 Maternal and Child Health Services

11 Rating
  11.1 Rates Assistance to Community Groups
  11.3 Special Rates and Charges
  11.4 Assistance to Rates Debtors in Hardship
  11.5 Residential Properties Deemed Not To Be Rateable As Used For Charitable Purposes

12 Recreation and Culture
  12.1 Recreation Reserves Fees & Charges
  12.4 Plaques and Memorials in Colac Botanic Gardens
  12.5 Use of the Old Beechy Rail Trail by Recreational Vehicles
  12.2 Skatepark Events and Hire
  12.3 Playground Maintenance and Improvement - Procedure
  12.6 Fencing for Events
  12.7 Events Policy

13 Traffic/Road Management
  13.1 Closure of Licence of Unused Government Road and Water Frontages - Closure Roads Used For Access
  13.4 Installation and Usage of Cattle Underpass Within COS
  13.5 Events policy
  13.6 Street Tree Management
  13.7 Asset Management
  13.8 Heavy Vehicle Access
  13.8 Heavy Vehicle Access - Strategy
  13.9 Event Road Closure Consultation and Communication Policy
  13.10 Installation and Use of Cattle Grids

15 Committees of Management
  15.1 Committees of Management of Drainage Systems
  15.2 Section 86 Committees

16 Finance
  16.1 Internal Audit
  16.2 Fraud Prevention
  16.3 Investment Policy
  16.4 Guarantee of Community Loans
  16.5 Debtor Management and Debt Recovery Policy

18 Governance
  18.2 Information Privacy
  18.2 Information Privacy - Guidelines
  18.4 Pre-Election Caretaker Policy
  18.6 Audio Recording of Council Meetings
  18.5 Councillor Support Policy
  18.8 Council Committees
  18.9 Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality
  18.10 Casting Vote Guidelines
  18.11 Community Reference Group Membership

19 Building
  19.1 Municipal Building Control Intervention Filter
  19.2 Swimming Pool and Spa Safety Barriers
  19.3 Essential Safety Measures

20 Other Policies
  20.1 Environmental Sustainability
  20.2 Naming of Roads, Localities and Features

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