Colac Otway Shire Council - Lake Colac Catchment Monitoring Program - 2007/08
Lake Colac Catchment Monitoring Program - 2007/08

 Map of Monitoring Sites
 Descriptions - Parameters Tested
  A catchment monitoring program for Lake Colac was initiated early in February 2007. Monitoring is undertaken on the first Tuesday of every month and is conducted by four dedicated volunteers through the Corangamite Waterwatch protocols. Thirteen sites are monitored with data collected and interpreted by Corangamite Waterwatch Coordinators after twelve months.

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Monitoring Program - More Information
Monitoring Purposes
•To investigate inputs into Lake Colac from a combination of land uses within the Lake Colac Catchment
•To obtain an improved understanding of Lake Colac and it’s relationship to the catchment by better identifying these inputs
•Identify the inputs most detrimental to water quality and initiate actions for further improvement.

Information Users
•Landcare groups, CCMA, Colac Otway Shire and landholders

Information Uses
•To determine if water quality is improving or deteriorating
•To assist with the identification of inputs most detrimental to the water quality of Lake Colac and the most appropriate actions for improvement
•To obtain long term data on the Lake Colac and it’s tributaries

Parameters Monitored
•Electrical Conductivity, pH, Phosphorus,
•Water Temperature, Turbidity, Dissolved Oxygen, Air Temperature

Monitoring Sites
•Armstrong Street drain
•Barongarook Creek at Tourist Information centre
•Barongarook Creek Forrest St
•Barongarook Creek Bromfield St
•Barongarook Creek East branch 1
•Barongarook Creek East branch 2
•Barongarook Creek at Woodrowvale Rd
•Deans Creek mouth
•Deans Creek at Carlisle River Rd
•Lake Colac at Delaneys Reserve
•Murray Street drain
•Barongarook Creek at Caravan Park

Monitoring Times
•Monthly – during the first week of the month
•Specific event monitoring is being considered also

Group Involvement
•Matt Daniels from Barongarook landcare group, Gail Maddern from Alvie tree planters, Neil McInnes from Upper Barwon Landcare network, Nina Arrowsmith , Brenda Skene CWW, Stewart Anderson Colac Otway Shire


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