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Council's rates and property office is responsible for the levying and collection of annual rates income.

This also involves: the categorisation of properties for rating purposes, the setting of property valuations, administration of payment arrangements and debt collection of unpaid rates.

To do this, it is essential we have up to date information. Forms are provided via the following links for you to update your information with Council.

 Have You Changed Your Mailing Address?
 Valuation Objections
 Hardship Policy
 Municipal Charge Exemption
 The Privacy Act
 Rate Payments
 Fire services levy: application for single farm enterprise
 Road Names Project
 Valuations For Land Tax Purposes
 What Do I Get For My Rates?
  Rates and Property Forms

Your rate notice and what it means

The rate notice covers the period from 1 July to 30 June each financial year. There are generally three components to your rate notice:

1. General rate Council's General rates are calculated on the value of the property. A differential system of general rating is applied across the Shire depending on property type (residential, holiday rental, farm, commercial, industrial) and location. The General Rate is calculated by multiplying the Capital Improved Valuation of the property by the rate in the dollar.

2. Waste management charge A waste management charge is applied to all developed properties in declared service areas. Properties outside declared areas are not charged.


3. Municipal charge This is a flat dollar amount on each property to cover some of the administrative costs of the Council and is the same for all properties. This charge recognises that some benefits apply to all property owners irrespective of property valuation. Some properties are eligible for an exemption from this charge.

Late payment charge Penalty Interest will be charged on all late payments. Full payment of rates (unless you are paying by instalments) is due in February 2014.

In financial difficulty? Property owners having difficulty meeting rate payments should contact the Shire's Customer Services staff on (03)5232 9400. We have a range of options to assist those facing genuine financial hardship.

Pensioner rate rebates Pensioners who received a rebate last year and are still eligible will find the current rebate has been calculated and deducted automatically. No further application is required. Pensioners who did not receive a rebate last year and believe they are not eligible can apply on the appropriate form available from Customer Service Centres in Colac and Apollo Bay.

For more information on your rates or property please contact: Colac Otway Shire's customer services staff phone: (03)5232 9400 Email:

Fire Services Property Levy
How is your levy calculated?

For Fire Services Property Levy purposes, all properties are allocated an Australian Valuation Property Classification (AVPC) code which describes the primary use of the property. AVPC codes are used nationally within the valuation industry and there are several hundred different codes (see attached).

All AVPC codes are then categorised into one of the following land use classifications:-
- Residential
- Commercial
- Industrial
- Primary production
- Vacant land
- Public benefit
These classifications are prescribed by the Fire Services Property Levy Act 2012.

There are two components to your Fire Services Property Levy, namely :-
(a) A fixed charge being $100 for residential classification properties and $200 for all other property classifications referred to above;
(b) A variable component based on the Capital Improved Value (CIV) of your property as shown on this rates notice.
To calculate the variable component, the CIV is multiplied by a rate in the dollar that is set by the State Government (see attachment below).

The fixed charge and the variable component are then added to together to give you your total Fire Services Property Levy.

A Fire Services Property Levy concession of $50 is available for all eligible Centrelink/DVA pension recipients.

Click here for further information regarding the Fires Services Property Levy.
  Fire services property levy in dollars
  AVPCC Listing

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