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 Wish You Were Here - Postcart Art Prize
 17 December 2014
 18 December 2013
 19 December 2012
 2005 - Planning Committee Agendas
 2006 - Planning Committee Meeting Minutes
 2007 - Planning Committee Meeting Minutes
 2008 - Ordinary Council Meeting Agendas
 2008 - Ordinary Council Meeting Minutes
 2008 - Planning Committee Meeting Minutes
 2008 - Roads Committee Agendas
 2008 - Special Council Meeting Agendas
 2008 - Special Council Meeting Minutes
 2009 - Ordinary Council Meeting Agendas
 2009 - Ordinary Council Meeting Minutes
 2009 - Special Council Meeting Agendas
 2009 Roads Committee
 2010 - Ordinary Council Meeting Agendas
 2010 - Ordinary Council Meeting Minutes
 2010 - Special Council Meeting Agendas
 2010 - Special Council Meeting Minutes
 2011 - Ordinary Council Meeting
 2011 - Ordinary Council Meeting Minutes
 2011 - Special Council Meeting Agendas
 2011 - Special Council Meeting Minutes
 2011 Theatre Season
 2012 - Ordinary Council Meeting Agendas
 2012 - Ordinary Council Meeting Minutes
 2012 - Special Council Meeting Agendas
 2012 - Special Council Meeting Minutes
 2012 Drama Season
 2012 Family and Education Season
 2012 Morning Music Season
 2013 - Ordinary Council Meeting Agendas
 2013 - Ordinary Council Meeting Minutes
 2013 - Special Council Meeting Agendas
 2013 - Special Council Meeting Minutes
 2014 - Ordinary Council Meeting Agendas
 2014 - Ordinary Council Meeting Minutes
 2014 - Special Council Meeting Agendas
 2014 - Special Council Meeting Minutes
 2015 - Ordinary Council Meeting Agendas
 2015 - Ordinary Council Meeting Minutes
 2015 Australia Day Nominations
 2015 Comedy, Caberet and Film Season
 2015 Dance Season
 2015 Drama Season
 2015 Family Fun Season
 2015 Morning Music Season
 2015 Music Season
 2015 Public Notices
 2015/16 Community Funding Program
 22 August 2012
 22 February 2012
 22 January 2014
 22 May 2013 Council Meeting
 22 October 2014
 23 April 2014
 23 January 2013
 23 July 2014
 23 May 2012
 23 October 2013
 24 April 2013
 24 July 2013
 24 October 2012
 24 September 2014
 25 February 2015
 25 January 2012
 25 July 2012
 25 June 2014
 25 March 2015
 25 September 2013
 26 April 2012
 26 February 2014
 26 June 2013
 26 March 2014
 26 November 2014
 26 September 2012
 27 August 2014
 27 February 2013
 27 June 2012
 27 March 2013
 27 November 2013
 28 August 2013
 28 January 2015
 28 March 2012
 28 May 2014
 28 November 2012
 A to Z Recycling Guide
 About the Council
 About the Shire
 Access Equity and Inclusion Plan
 Active Transport Strategy
 Adopt a pet!
 Advice to owners of problem dogs
 Agenda - Special Council Meeting
 Agenda - Ordinary Council Meeting
 Agenda - Planning Committee
 Agenda - Roads Committee Meeting
 Agenda - Statutory Council Meeting
 Amending Planning Permits
 Amendment C12 - Floodway Overlay / Land Subject to Inundation Overlay
 Amendment C54 - Erosion Management Overlay Mapping / Anomolies
 Amendment C58 - Kennett River, Wye River & Separation Creek Structure Plans
 Amendment C63 - Planning Certificates
 Amendment C65 to the Colac Otway Planning Scheme - General Amendment
 Amendment C68 to the Colac Otway Planning Scheme - Erosion Management Overlay Schedule & Mapping Amendment
 Amendment C69 (Rural Living Strategy 2011 and Forrest Structure Plan 2011)
 Amendment C70 - Biodiversity
 Amendment C72 - Part 2 - Colac & Apollo Bay Car Parking Strategy
 Amendment C72 Part 1 - Colac CBD & Entrances Project
 Amendment C73 - Apollo Bay Harbour
 Amendment C74 - Apollo Bay Settlement Boundary and Urban Design Review
 Amendment C75 - Public Open Space
 Amendment C76 - Birregurra Structure Plan 2013 and Birregurra Neighbourhood Character Study 2012
 Amendment C79 - New Residential Zones
 Animal Infringements
 Animal Registration Payments
 Animals causing a nuisance
 Apollo Bay & Marengo Neighbourhood Character Study
 Apollo Bay Harbour
 Apollo Bay Harbour
 Apollo Bay Settlement Boundary & Urban Design Review
 Apollo Bay Settlement Boundary & Urban Design Review
 Apollo Bay Trails Feasibility Study
 Applying for a permit
 Arts and culture
 Arts and culture database
 Arts and culture strategic plan
 Asset Management Plans
 Assistance for people who are hard of hearing
 Assistance for people who are visually impaired
 Avoiding Neighbourhood Disputes
 Avoiding neighbourhood disputes
 Bare Witness
 Barwon South West Regional Trails Master Plan
 Battery Recycling
 Beech Forest
 Beechy Precinct
 Beechy Precinct Newsletter November Edition
 Bees and wasps
 Blue Green Algae
 Bluewater Bootcamp
 Bluewater Fitness Centre
 Building a Sustainable Home
 Building Classification & Style
 Building Department
 Building in a Bushfire Prone Area
 Building Newsletters
 Building Permits
 Burning off, incinerators and other fire laws
 Bus transport
 Business Awards
 Business Development
 Business Directory
 Business Events
 Calendar of Events Registration Form
 Carlisle River
 Cats & Dogs and Fireworks
 Cats in our Community
 Central Reserve
 Certificate Birthday and Anniversary
 Change of address form
 Charges at Council Transfer Stations
 Charitable Organisations and Fetes
 Child Care
 Childcare at Bluewater
 Club Network
 Coastal planning
 Coastal Towns Neighbourhood Character Documents
 Colac & Apollo Bay Carparking Study
 Colac & Apollo Bay Carparking Study
 Colac Botanic Gardens
 Colac CBD & Entrances Project
 Colac Development Plans Project
 Colac home & garden award application forms
 Colac Otway Bushfire Planning Policy Project
 Colac Otway Community Transport Service
 Colac Otway Shire Public Open Space Strategy
 Colac Otway Shire Tennis Facility Audit & Development Plan
 Colac Regional Saleyards
 Colac Saleyard Report: National Livestock Reporting Service
 Colac, 'Life, your way' marketing strategy
 Colin Hayman - General Manager Corporate and Community Services
 Community activities and events
 Community Bus
 Community Conversations
 Community Development
 Community Directory Application
 Community input sought for Great Ocean Road event closure guidelines
 Communitys Responsibility on Weed Control
 Completed Planning Scheme Amendments
 Completed Plans & Studies
 Contact and Accounts
 Contact Us
 Contact Us
 Control of Gastrointestinal Illness
 COPACC Colac Herald 2015 Theatre Season
 COPACC's School Holiday Programme
 Corangamite Regional Library
 Corporate public documents
 Costin Street, Apollo Bay Victoria 3233 Ph: (03) 5237 6155
 Council Agenda
 Council Documents
 Council Meeting Dates 2015
 Council Minutes
 Council Policies
 Council's Fire Prevention Responsibilities
 Council's Hardship Policy
 Council's Volunteer Programs
 Councils Responsibility on Weed Control
 Cr Brian Crook (Deputy Mayor)
 Cr Chris Smith
 Cr Frank Buchanan (Mayor)
 Cr Lyn Russell
 Cr Michael Delahunty
 Cr Stephen Hart
 Cr Terry Woodcroft
 Creative Otways
 Credit card payment form
 CrossXpollinatioN 2015
 Current Planning Scheme Amendments
 Current Projects
 Current Projects
 Current/Recent Events
 Customer information
 Customer Service Forms
 Department of Transport
 Descriptions - Parameters Tested
 Detox Your Home
 Disclaimer and Copyright
 Do I Need a Building Permit
 Doggie Doo
 Dogs in the Community
 Dogs on beaches
 Domestic Animal Management Plan
 Domestic Wastewater Management Plan (DWMP)
 Draft G21 Regional Tennis Strategy
 Drop-off Facility Calendar for Beech Forest, Carlisle, Gellibrand & Lavers Hill
 DSE Event Manual
 E Coli
 Early Years Plan
 Economic Development and Business
 Economic Development and Tourism Public Documents
 Economic Development Unit
 Emergency Management
 Emergency Management and Fire Prevention
 Enforcement of Building Regulations
 Enhancement of native vegetation
 Environment Public Documents
 Environment websites
 Environmental Weeds Brochure
 EUpdate - Play by the Rules Kick off for 2010
 European Wasps
 Event Application Kit
 Event Permits
 Events make them your business
 Executive management team & CEO
 Exhibitions at COPACC
 Extension of time for Planning Permits
 External Websites
 Family and Children's Services
 Family Day Care
 Fees and charges for Family Day Care
 Festival & Events Support Scheme
 Festival & Events Support Scheme 2014/15
 Festivals and events
 Filming in Colac Otway Shire
 Fire Inspection Program
 Fire Prevention
 Fire Restrictions During Fire Danger Period
 Fire Safety
 Fire Services
 Fire services levy: application for single farm enterprise
 Food Safety
 Food Safety Plans
 Forms and applications
 Forrest Mountain Bike Trail
 Forrest Structure Plan
 Free database listings
 Frequently Asked Questions
 Frequently Asked Questions
 Frequently Asked Questions?
 Functions and events
 G21 Regional Soccer Strategy
 General information for pet owners
 General Manager Sustainable Planning and Development
 Grants - Funding
 Greenhouse gas emissions
 Have You Changed Your Mailing Address?
 Health Public Documents
 Health Services
 Health Services
 Healthy Sporting Environment
 Home Maintenance
 Home Safety
 Household chemical collection
 How do I get there?
 How to Apply for A Building Permit
 How to confine your cat
 How to obtain and fill in a planning permit for native vegetation removal
 Immunisation Calculator
 Immunisation Schedule
 Immunisation Session Timetable
 Impounded cats and dogs
 Impounded livestock
 Impounded Vehicles
 Improved Liveability for Older People (ILOP)
 Infectious Disease Information
 Infectious Diseases
 Information for Commercial and Public Buildings
 Infrastructure - Roads and Drainage
 Infrastructure Public Documents
 Injured wildlife
 Inland Acid Sulphate Soils
 Interested in becoming a Family Day Care educator?
 Join our mailing list
 Josh Earl vs Australian Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake Book
 Keep your pets safe for life with a microchip
 Lake Colac
 Lake Colac Catchment Monitoring Program - 2007/08
 Lake Colac Catchment Project
 Lake Colac FAQs - Your Questions Answered
 Lake Colac Monitoring Program- Test Results 1982-2004
 Latest News
 Leisure Networks
 Leisure Networks ENews
 Library Services
 Link to Volunteering Websites
 Livestock Selling Centre, Colac
 Local history
 Local Laws
 Local Laws
 Local Road Inspections and Maintenance
 Lodging a complaint with Council
 Main Menu
 Maintenance - Cosworks
 Maintenance Programs
 Map of Monitoring Sites
 Mark Butler: Bad Language - 8pm, Wednesday November 7
 Maternal and Child Health Centres
 Meals on Wheels
 Microchipping Your Pet!
 Minutes from Ordinary Council Meetings
 Minutes from Planning Committee
 Minutes from Special Council Meetings
 Minutes Statutory Meetings
 MixxFM Comedy Season
 Movies At COPACC - Colac Cinemas
 Municipal Charge Exemption
 Municipal Road Register
 Music Season
 Music Season
 Myers Street, Colac Victoria 3250 Ph: (03) 5232 9551
 Native Animals
 Native Vegetation
 Native vegetation removal controls
 Neighbourhood Safer Places
 Newsletters and Brochures
 Old Beechy Rail Trail
 Older Persons and Ability Support Services
 Organisation Structure
 Other Agencies
 Overhanging Branches
 Owner Builder vs Builder
 Permits to Burn
 Personal Care
 Pest Animals
 Pest Control
 Pest Plants
 Phil Corluka - Infrastructure and Services General Manager
 Physical Activity Strategy
 Planning and Building
 Planning and Building Services
 Planning certificates
 Planning Committee 2006
 Planning Committee 2007
 Planning Committee 2008
 Planning Committee 2008
 Planning Committee 2009
 Planning Committee 2009
 Planning Committee 2010
 Planning Committee 2010
 Planning Committee 2011
 Planning Committee 2011
 Planning Committee 2012
 Planning Committee 2012
 Planning Committee 2013
 Planning Committee 2013
 Planning Committee 2014
 Planning Committee 2015
 Planning Committee Agenda 2014
 Planning Committee Agenda 2015
 Planning Enforcement
 Planning Scheme Overlays
 Planning Scheme Review 2014
 Plasback - Silage Wrap
 Port of Apollo Bay
 Pound Facilities
 Pre-Immunisation Checklist
 Preparing for the Fire Season
 Privacy Statement
 Public Notices
 Public Transport Ombudsman
 Random Door Knocks
 Rate Payments
 Rates and Property
 Rates and Property
 Rats and Mice
 Reactions to Vaccinations
 Receive your rates notices online
 Recycle Organic Waste
 Recycling and Alternate Disposal
 Redevelopment Status
 Registration Requirements
 Registration Tags
 Reporting an Emergency
 Reporting Road and Drainage Repair
 Respite Care
 Restricted Dog Breeds
 Return Unwanted Medicines
 Road Closure Policy
 Road hierarchy and heavy vehicle truck route for Colac township
 Road Management Plan
 Road Names Project
 Road Safety Strategy
 Roads and Infrastructure
 Roadside Management
 Rural Access
 Rural Living Strategy
 Rural Living Strategy
 School Vaccination
 Scooter Recharge Scheme
 Section 173 Agreements
 Senior Citizens Centres
 Septic Tanks
 Septic tanks - dos and don'ts
 Services Provided
 Siting Variations
 Skate Park Facilities in the Shire
 Small Town Improvement Program Project Proposal
 Special Rates and Charges Scheme
 Sport and Recreation
 Standard Drawings
 Statistics about the Shire
 Statutory Planning
 Statutory Planning Forms, Fees & Resources
 Stock on roads
 Stormwater Management
 Stormwater Management at Home and Play
 Stormwater Management during Building and Construction
 Stormwater Management in Industry
 Stormwater Management in Restaurants and Eateries
 Strategic Plan 2008-2012
 Strategic Planning
 Street trading
 Sue Wilkinson - Chief Executive Officer
 Sustainable Planning and Development Public Documents
 Sustainable Water Use Plan
 Swimming Pools/Spas
 Taxi Services
 The Building Permit Process
 The Hunt for the Golden Gumboot - 20 September to 1 November 2014
 The Planning permit process
 The Privacy Act
 The proposal in detail
 The Social Justice Program
 The Three Pairs
 Think before you buy a kitten or puppy!
 Timber harvesting on private land
 Tom Burlingson's Now We're Swingin'
 Tourism Partnerships
 Tourism Services
 Township Protection Plans
 Training Techniques
 Transfer and Drop Off
 Transfer Station Hours
 Transport Connections
 U3A - University of the Third Age
 Useful Links
 Valuation Objections
 Valuations For Land Tax Purposes
 VicRoads - Declared Roads
 Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT)
 Volunteer Engagement Project
 Volunteering in the Colac Otway Shire
 Wanting to use Family Day Care?
 Waste and Recycling Services
 Waste Management
 Waste wise program in shire offices
 Water quality and testing
 What Do I Get For My Rates?
 What Do I Get For My Registration Fees?
 What planning controls affect your property?
 What To Do About Barking Dogs
 What to do about barking dogs
 What To Do If Reactions Occur
 When is a Planning Permit required?
 Whose Road? - VicRoads or Council
 Wounded animals

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